Battle won….

….but the “war” continues. I rolled over at 3 AM to this text from a wise man whom I greatly respect regarding the “battle” at Standing Rock. “Not one prayer, but collective prayers, are the true miracle of #nodapl.” ….I smiled, knowing it is true, and tried to go back to sleep, but, my guides,…Continue Reading

Connections and Healings come from the oddest places.

Thanksgiving was very different this year.  Energetically completely off the charts.  It started out the same as it has in years past, with many of the main characters present.  But, the energy was a far cry from what it normally is. Let me set the stage. My son-in-laws parents are very different from me.  Not…Continue Reading

I know I have said this before….

….but, I still believe (because I am a Pollyanna – hey it’s my job!!) that LOVE is the answer. Yesterday was an “interesting” day.  Emotions ran high.  I had friends who were in tears, angry, in disbelief, shocked and numb about our latest election results. And sad.  An overwhelming sadness.  How could we elect a…Continue Reading

Love really is the answer

I received my first “hate” message since joining the movement in Standing Rock.  I knew it was coming because I had just read an article that a friend sent me about a friend of his who had been murdered because of his activist activity. “Paula. I have a question about your rebellion with the pipeline…Continue Reading

Becoming Visible

I cried when I painted this.  Actually, that is a lie….I sobbed.   She may or may not be a “work of art”, but, her message to me, and to others is powerful. She appears to be taking shape.  Slowly.  Through the mist she is gradually appearing.  She is finding herself.  Becoming herself.  Allowing others to…Continue Reading

Messages of Hope
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