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Why am I having a sale?

I realize how unconventional having a sale is.   I also know that many will have their opinions about this.  And, quite frankly, I have weighed all of the options.

I am a self supporting professional artist….which means, my only income is from the sales of my art.  I absolutely feel very blessed to have been given this gift this lifetime.

However, with this gift comes different challenges that those who have a 9-5 type of a job.  We are disposable income.

So it takes thinking outside of the box to figure out how to make it.

AND, I’m determined.

I’ve always said that I believe in the power of art – to heal, and to make a difference in people’s everyday life.  I’ve been told from collectors that they love getting up in the morning and seeing my art on their walls, because it makes them smile. This is why I continue to paint.

I’ve left several galleries this year for a wide variety of reasons – mostly because I am becoming clearer about my path, why I am here, and the ones that I have left are not congruent or authentic to who I am.  I don’t play the political game well (understatement!), and for me it is not in alignment to mass produce or to be told what to produce.

My paintings come from another world – another place – along with messages that are specific to certain collectors.

That being said, I believe that everyone should be able to afford those pieces that call to them.  One hundred dollars to one person may be $1000 to another and vise versa.  One of my fondest memories is selling a painting to a woman who truly could not afford a painting for much less than what I normally do (it was older – AND a study).  Every once in a while I receive a picture from her with the painting hanging in her home – Thanking me profusely for allowing her to purchase a painting that spoke to her soul for what was a fortune to her at the time.

I also HATE throwing paintings away, which is what some do with their studies and older work.   I’ve always been a bit of a recycler in that I paint over a lot of older paintings and studies….but….right now, my studio is overrun with not so current work – and I had a dream/vision that I was to do this.

One of the reasons that I am doing this is to stir up the energy….to allow for new messages and visions to flow through me.

This is right FOR ME….maybe not for others….but FOR ME.

AND – We all have to be authentic to who we are.

This is not so different than a retail business having sales to move out their old inventory to make way for new…

Sooooooo……Here is the link to my sale on Facebook….

I’m doing this on a trial basis – if it goes well – I’m sure there will be more in the future – but only older paintings and studies – which allows me to continue to explore and paint!!!

Thank you all for supporting me throughout the 15 years I have been painting!!

May We Walk Together As One.

Love really is the answer

Standing With Standing Rock

I received my first “hate” message since joining the movement in Standing Rock.  I knew it was coming because I had just read an article that a friend sent me about a friend of his who had been murdered because of his activist activity.

“Paula. I have a question about your rebellion with the pipeline protest up in our country. Why did you join this protest? The pipeline is the safest way to transport oil. We don’t need thousands of oil trucks in our domain running up and down the roads in our area that have caused many deaths in accidents. Also the cause against oil? How do you think you and the rest of the people got there. Hmm. Gasoline made from oil. Park the car and start walking if this is your cause.”

Gut clench.  And then anger…and then compassion.

I sent a text to my friend about what I had received….this was his answer…. “When you defend that which is good, that which is bad will oppose you.   Activism has light and dark sides.  Be comforted knowing darkness cannot occupy our light.”  And also “If you don’t stand for something, then you will stand for anything.”

Which made me think.  Long and hard.  Is this something I feel strong enough about to risk losing friends?  Losing sales?  I had to face some serious fear.

It only took a microsecond.


This is not a political movement.  This is an ecological movement.  An environmental movement.   It’s about protecting the natural resources that Mother Earth lovingly provides us.  This is about protecting water.  This is about federal law.  They are bulldozing sacred burial sites.  They are taking treatied land from those that were here first, and tunneling 92 feet under the Missouri River for a mile – which is their water source.  It’s about promises made and broken when greed gets in the way.

I could have taken the time to explain what I believe and how passionate I am about this, but, I tapped into my intuition to see if that would be worth my time and effort, AND, to see if I truly wanted to engage with him.  I didn’t.  I knew he didn’t care about why.  I knew I would just anger him further.

So I let it go.  And sent him love.

I had another discussion with the woman whom I work with on my Facebook page.   We are on totally different pages in many ways.  Politically and spiritually.  We both know it.  However, when I talked with her about how to present doing a raffle, and prints for the Standing with Standing Rock painting she told me….”I want to do it and not charge you anything for it, because I want to do my part to help.”

Tears.  Big Tears.

She said – “Yes we simply disagree on how change should happen. Many people could learn from us. There is so much hate in the world.”

And….there you have it.  I knew I chose the right person to work with.  I knew it, because she gives a portion of what I pay her to the elderly.  This is how it should be.  This is how we make a difference.  Because bottom line, we all want a world filled with love and compassion.  Not fear and anger.

It’s about love.  Compassion.  Giving.  Helping others.  Paying it forward.

This is for our children.  And our grandchildren.  For Gaia.

After all, we can’t drink money.


Mni Wiconi – Water is life

Blessings to all,


I’m writing a book. Period.

Dayum Gina….  Now I’ve said it out loud.  To all who care to read this post.   DAYUM!!!  Sheet Fahr and save matches!   And Hells Bells.   Okay.  Ya’ll get the picture.   I’ve gotten the message for a while and have resisted the urge, mostly because I didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or… Continue Reading

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