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What if??

Emerging From the Mist (24 x 30)
Emerging From the Mist

What if we are all God? (Hear me out, please) That higher consciousness?  And we all decided one day that we wanted to play a game.   A game called Earth.  And that we promised one another that we would help one another remember who they were.  What if?

What if we all knew all the rules before we came?  That we would have amnesia and forget that we are all love.  AND, that we were given all the tools that we needed, if we just knew how to look for them, or if our intuition was so strong that we KNEW when we found them.  Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Akashic Records, Meditation, Sychronicities….and oh so many more.  We have been given them.  What if?

What if we have agreements with other souls that help us learn our lessons no matter how painful, or or discouraging?  That some were here to challenge us in ways we never believed possible, and it made us feel like victims, or being picked on, or that we aren’t good enough or that we aren’t capable of being loved, and made us question why we are here.  That we fell in and out of love to learn some of those painful lessons.  What if?

What if we agreed that we would live as one with the Earth, the being that choose to host us for our experiment and all of her creatures that were present upon her.  That we would look to the skies and the beings for messages.  What if?

What if we all agreed to wake up now in the billions because we know that we are all in the 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second?  That we are about to destroy the Earth by not living in harmony with her.  That we are more concerned with money and greed and short term goals rather than being concerned with leaving this world better than we found it, and making it a better place for generations to come. That we are more concerned with what we have rather than who we are.  That we are more concerned with being right, and bigger, and stronger, and smarter, and better than the other person, that we will do anything we can to discredit the other, rather than showing compassion and forgiveness and love.  What if?

What if artists and other creatives are here to bring in messages?  And our job is to change the world with our messages?  What if?

What if the answer really is LOVE?

What if?

May we walk together as one.




Connections and Healings come from the oddest places.


Thanksgiving was very different this year.  Energetically completely off the charts.  It started out the same as it has in years past, with many of the main characters present.  But, the energy was a far cry from what it normally is.

Let me set the stage.

My son-in-laws parents are very different from me.  Not in an offensive way at all.  Just different.  I’m very liberal and metaphysical.

BUT, this year was so atypical.

The conversation started with a sharing about her brother, who is a minister that was part of the conglomeration of many various religious beliefs that went to Standing Rock.

Cool beans baby….something very near and dear to my heart and soul that we have in common.

And then, enter Ezra.

In his superman’s cape.

Ta-Da-ing us.

Speaking fast in his minion talk that we only picked up one or two words at a time….keeping us in stitches….it was clear that we all just adored this little one, who has brought three fairly unique families together in a common bond of love.

The conversation, though, that I had with my son-in-laws father melted my heart.

We talked about the significance of Standing Rock.  The coming together of all colors and religions.  To fight for a common cause….The Earth.  We both had tears in our eyes.  He told me that my artwork had gotten very powerful.  I had no idea that he knew what I was painting.

His final words to me before I left, left me in tears.

“Paula, our door is always open to you any time you want to visit.  I love you.”

So powerful.

Standing Rock and a bitty boy who is all laughter and smiles.

A munchkin that was created out of love that my daughter and son-in-law have for each other.  Pure love between the two of them – and it’s obvious that Ezra carries this love forward.

And, the energy of Standing Rock was present.  Powerful, prayerful, loving energy.

I see it….

Love… the most powerful emotion there is.

Thank you in-laws, for loving my baby girl like you do your own.

It makes my heart happy.







Thanksgiving means we get to defend our land as our did our progenitors for our creator, our mother earth, our five finger clan but not this government.

With prayers as our shield, protectors ready to stand for generations yet to be born.

What is rightfully ours we must protect, what is due us we must claim & we must use our own minds & hands.

United we stand with our allies & very thankful for those native at heart.

Insistent Intuition

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