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Chance of a Lifetime

If you had the opportunity, would you take a chance of a lifetime?  In spite of needing to raise finances, and being scared to death (and probably a few more other things)?  Let me set this up for you.  I turned 60 this past summer.  I wanted to do something special to mark this very significant milestone in my life.  Nothing has really tripped my trigger….until now.

You all know that I am over the top Woo-Woo, and will go to great lengths to enhance my knowledge along the way.

SOOOOOOO, a very dear friend of mine is leading a lifechanging  journey to South Africa in June (culminating on my 61st birthday – so this is my “something special” for my 60th year).  However, something inside of me balked.  Big time.

And, then, it happened.  I received news yesterday that a very dear friend (who just turned 60 in January), died suddenly.  Heart attack.  He was one of those people that makes everyone feel special, whether you knew him for years, or a minute.  He was living his dream of owning a coffee shop/bar/gallery.  He was the living room of Eureka Springs.  He was PFM.

It hit me. Hard.  I’m his age.  It made me realize how short life is.  I could decide to not go, because, scared, and finances, but, would I regret it?   This is an opportunity for a total reset:  Mind, body, and spirit.  An opportunity to deepen my art.  An opportunity to heal some deep wounds.

And so, I’ve decided to totally leave it up to GUS.

I’m offering a 35% discount on ALL OF MY PAINTINGS (Click here!) on my website….even the ones that are already deeply discounted.  The coupon code is CHANCE, and is good through May 23rd.

If I am meant to go….it will happen….



PS, I will be videoing and photographing others that are not on my website also….


What’s with this shift?

For those of you who follow me, I know that you have noticed a bit (OK – a HUGE) of a shift.  I’ve really never been one to follow the crowd, and it certainly is playing out in my art.  Right now, I am not concerned with selling art…because, quite honestly, I am so in love with the process of creating, letting go of control and following my guidance, that if I sell something, it’s kinda like the cherry on top.

I started painting very traditionally….in oil, and very recognizable subject matter.  I believe that I did it this way so that I could learn the rules, so that I could break them.  About five years in, I kept getting the urge to paint visions…It was scary as heck for me at the time, because I am a self-supporting artist, and my traditional paintings were selling very well.  It was at this point in time that I received invaluable advice from a very famous painter….”Don’t let your collectors, or galleries pigeon-hole you….it will kill your creative spirit.  If I had it to do all over again, I would NOT paint the way others think I should paint, instead, I would paint exactly what I wanted!”  Obviously, that piece of advice stuck with me.

My life has taken many twists and turns – I’ve gone from being in a 25 year marriage and doing what I was “supposed” to do, (according to what “they” said), to dating a shaman, and fully embracing what I believe my spiritual path is begging me to do.   I’ve done a lot of ceremony (Native American Church, Ayahausca, Sundance, Sweat lodges, etc., etc), and the one consistent message that I receive is that I am to follow my intuition.  

I received a comment from someone on one of my latest paintings that it really didn’t trip her trigger, and actually was disturbing to her.  BOOM!!!!  YES!!!!   It was some of the greatest confirmation that I could have received.  In the past, I would have been insecure, and stopped painting what I am being guided to paint, AND I would have deleted her comment so that no one else would read it.  Not now.  Now, I am choosing to fly my “WTF is she doing” flag with pride.  I know that my current series is not for everyone.   I know that some of the things that I paint are disturbing.  I know that some think I have gone off the deep end.  AND, I DON’T CARE.

For me, it’s all about following my guidance.  Listening to the whispers.  (Or to the 2×4’s that GUS frequently yields!)  Painting what is begging to come through me.

I may not be one of the “popular in crowd”, but some of us are not meant to blend in….instead, some of us are meant to stand out.

I’m slowly (because tech is not my thing) getting new paintings for sale listed on my website.

Blessings to all of you, and May We Walk Together as One.




Why do we do it to ourselves??

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Today, I turn 60

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