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I’ve been AWOL

And here is why….Occasionally life throws us curve balls.  Last week I got the flu.  Full blown, even to the point that I went to the clinic to get checked…Such a rare thing for me.

Then, my son’s lung collapsed and he had to be hospitalized.  He had been trying to get health insurance since May of 2017, and despite numerous phone calls, and following the Health rules…nada, zippo, zilch!

We finally made it home last week Sunday and I woke up Sunday night having a FULL BLOWN PANIC ATTACK!!!  I couldn’t breathe, listen, speak, or eat.  As a matter of a fact – I honestly thought I was dying!!!   I painted From the Ashes, because I thought it would help….and it did….temporarily.  From the Ashes (24 x 24)

Monday night – rinse and repeat.  Same thing – not as severe – but same symptoms.

I became hyper aware that I couldn’t discuss the specifics of the attack – and set some boundaries that are always difficult for me to set.  And, compassion kicked in.  For those who suffer with these on a regular basis, AND, for myself.

When I could finally see what happened, and could process a bit – The Sassy Pants series was born.

I needed the reminder that “I” had the power!  No one else.  Just me.

I think that artists are unique in that we are able to paint our way through our emotions, and lessons…..not that we are always able to…..but, we can, if we just release and allow.

Getting Her S#!T Together came first – VERY LARGE – and hung in a place in my home that I look at it daily. 









Then came On Her Soapbox to remind me to be grateful. 








After that was Fake it till you Make it – I had never really considered being sassy enough to pretend. And yet, for some reason, I felt the need to paint this colorful being. (She is available for $575 with free shipping in the US – 24 x 36 x .5 – regular price $1300)








I’m not sure why this happened, totally, but, I have my thoughts.  I think one of the main reasons is to learn how to be less judgy and more compassionate.  Another reason is to remind me that there is a power greater than me at work here (Thank you GUS!), and that I really do need to learn how to release and allow.  Still a third reason that I have yet to look at is deeply personal – and something I have been avoiding like the plague, and so GUS (thank you AGAIN!), threw it in my face, so that I have no other option BUT to look at it!!!

This being AWOL has allowed me to see clearer (now that I am on the other side), and has really upped my compassion game.

I’m very fortunate to have had some incredible friends share their experiences, and the breathing techniques that help them when they feel a panic attack coming on.  It doesn’t completely eliminate them, but, it makes them easier to navigate.

May We Walk Together As One.





How important is customer service?

Yada, Yada, Yada (16 x 16))I’ve had a unique experience that I want to share with you all.  Especially with those of you who are artists and are making a go of being considered a professional in your field.

On September the 11th, I ordered a piece of artwork to be sent to my dear friend who had just emerged from Hurricane Irma, as a gift to her to remember that she is special.  The artist is an acquaintance friend, who is extremely gifted in a unique form of art, and a very dear person.

I paid her right away, and she promised to ship that weekend.

As you can imagine, I was anxious for my friend in Florida to receive the gift, as she had just gone through the hurricane, and I wanted to lift her spirits.

Mid week, the next week, I sent a message to the artist, asking when she expected it to be there.  She stated that she was having some financial difficulties, and could not afford to ship right then.  I offered her an extra $20 if she would ship it right away.  She thanked me profusely, and promised to get it out right away, along with the promise that she would include a special extra for making me wait, and send me pics. (That’s two promises so far!)

Six days later, I checked in with the artist again.  No response for a couple of days.  Then, a response, with the excuse of family issues.  I understand.  Things happen that are unforeseen.

Another week went by…another promise of making it to the Post Office that day.

And yet another week – another promise.

I offered her suggestions.

More excuses.

Today, I made an uncomfortable decision (after messaging her a few more times, with no response – and being promised six times total that she would ship), to file a complaint with Paypal.

I love this artist. She is gifted.  She is soulful. She has that “intangible” that I speak about ad nauseum.

BUT, she doesn’t have customer service.

I don’t trust anything she says anymore….which is unfortunate, because SHE is an artist I would love to support, but can’t.

I went on her facebook page – several collectors have made comments about the same issue.  Which makes me sad for her.

Artists are collectors.  I am a HUGE collector, but, unfortunately, I will not be collecting her art.


Probably one of the most important things that you do.

Communicate with your collectors.  Occasionally, snafus happen.  Communicate.

But, never make promises that you can’t or won’t keep.

And, don’t take 5 plus weeks to ship.

May we walk together as one.



Confessions of a (almost former) people pleaser

Lord God…we are all being hit with so much right now.  As if all of the hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and state of our country isn’t enough, we are being asked to step up and into our authentic powerful god/and goddess selves which translates to….well….chaos….which means big change for so many. Our lessons are coming at… Continue Reading


And scared. (This was written BEFORE I WENT TO CHICAGO – so it’s a tad outdated!) I’ve gone through several fairly significant changes for the past three months.   I’ve had time to really reflect on what is important. Who I am. Why I am here. I guess I’m really here to be me. Sounds simple… Continue Reading

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