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Connections and Healings come from the oddest places.

Thanksgiving was very different this year.  Energetically completely off the charts.  It started out the same as it has in years past, with many of the main characters present.  But, the energy was a far cry from what it normally is. Let me set the stage. My son-in-laws parents are very different from me.  Not…Continue Reading

Insistent Intuition

I had it all. I HAD IT ALL!!! Or did I? I had the wonderful, gorgeous, professional husband.   I had the 2.54 children. I had the house on the golf course.   I had the Mercedes. The cat and the dog. I had everything money could buy. I even had the proverbial white picket fence. But,…Continue Reading


I’ve been pondering lately….(which translates to being in my head rather than in my heart!)  I’ve been asked to do a pretty big show at Obelisk Home in Springfield, Mo…AND…the lovely young woman who is in charge of the media, etc etc…wrote me a couple of weeks ago asking me the name of the show,…Continue Reading

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