Authentic to her path

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24 x 24 x 1.5 Mixed Media, Gallery Wrapped, Canvas

She is so tired of doing what everyone says she “should” do.

She is tired of “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Listening to how others tell her that things should be done a certain way really chaps her hide.

She knows she is different.

She knows that her thoughts are not the same as others.

She has struggled her whole life with wanting to be one of the “cool kids on the block”.

Knowing that she didn’t belong with the pack, only made her struggle more painful.

Where DID she fit in?

Was she even supposed to?

And then, recently, it occurred to her – She is here just to be.

Just to be her.

Just to be authentic to who she is.

Her friends rely on her for her (sometimes blunt) honesty.

Her collectors rely on her to paint from her soul.

And she relies on herself to be the best possible person she can be.

Some days she does better than others….but that is life.

She has learned to forgive (some times) herself for her missteps.

She is no different from any of the rest of us…

She is human…

May We Walk Together As One

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