Mischief Makers


30 x 30 x 1.5 Mixed Media, Gallery Wrapped, Canvas

There are some angels whose job is to remind you to have fun.

To bring color into a drab world.

I was so blessed at Sundance Ceremony to spend the day with two such angels…

We cooked a meal for over 100 people…and laughed, and snorted and even peed our pants!!

Something that could have been a mundane chore was turned into frivolity.

We tried to come up with names for ourselves…the three musketeers? Nope.

The three blind mice….fit perfectly.

None of us had done anything like this before…and, yet, it didn’t stop us.

Everyone reported it was the best meal there…

I think it was because of the fun we put into it…(or the butter!!!).

May we walk together as one

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