by Mike Masterson

Paula Watters Jones has earned her richly deserved place in the world of fine arts painting because of one trait that sets her apart from many in her craft: Her intuitive spirit and a knowing heart that enable her to create transcendent works that stir imagination and even souls.

So it’s no surprise to me that the two day-long painting classes she leads today focus on instilling similar heartfelt awarenesses in her students.

“My classes teach students how to paint from their heart, soul, intuition, knowing….whatever you might call the quality… rather than painting simply what one sees,” she said. “I teach how one can paint what they feel or know. I facilitate them in the painting process toward being able to bypass their often overthinking heads.”

Because of her keen intuitive sense, Paula is capable of teaching each student their individual place of knowing. Her unique ability also enables this vibrant lady with a personality and style as brightly colorful as her pallets. She’s fully in tune when a student is genuinely stuck, or frustrated, irritated, or just pushing paint around on a canvas.

“And, trust me, whenever I see that happening, I’ll call them on it and lead them back to the better, much more meaningful way.” she said.

Paula’s classes are suitable for anyone of any age, from seasoned professionals to one who never has painted before. “My painting classes run over two consecutive days.” she said.

“And I always promise each student they will leave carrying at least 1 painting they can forever refer to as their ‘masterpiece’ created in the class that taught and encouraged them to spiritually feel and know the experience rather than thinking it. “

{Contact Paula here for more info on how to participate in a group class!}




by Mike Masterson

Paula Watters Jones of Bentonville, the personable fine arts artist known for paintings that reflect the transformational connections between our physical existence and consciousness, will offer private painting classes for beginners, professionals and become available for mentoring consultations with those already experienced with colors, mediums and canvas.

The accomplished artists whose abstract, yet deeply meaningful, paintings are characterized by vivid colors and transcedent subjects. They are displayed in galleries from Colorado to Kansas City, Springfield and Little Rock.

Her private classes will focus on teaching how beginning and professional artists alike can best learn to create through their deeper levels of consciousness and feeling, rather than by formula or imitation.

It is a talent she has mastered having developed both her uniquely transcendent paintings and similar sculptures during an earlier arts career in Taos, N.M. where she maintains a second home, and today within her always active home studio.

“My plan is to work closely with artists to help them develop both the confidence and skills they can use to create from deep within their own hearts and minds,” she said, “to paint from their intuition and their instincts without the interference of over thinking their creations.”

She said she will be flexible in mentoring those who already are painting, even conducting some of her coaching by phone if necessary.

The petite and prolific painter also has gained a reputation for creating colorful canvases of cows and bears. Those works take on a warm and realistic, yet almost whimsical look, which gives them a remarkably popular and unique appeal with collectors.

“My style isn’t like that of many others who teach and mentor painting because I help each artist find their sacred place within that brings forth their unique spirit into this realm. Another way of saying that is I show them how to follow their instincts and their hearts when they create.” she said.

“My objective is to always have them leave my class, or my mentoring, in an entirely different state of mind about what they are creating and its meaning.”

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“Paula’s workshop unleashed fierce freedom and sheer joy! New to painting, I had a immersed myself in the fundamental and technical aspects of art, but painting large and loose with Paula helped me let it all go and gave way to new expression. I approach art with more heart than ever now. I’ll borrow her words here, but ‘Pure Fricken Magic’ is really the best way to describe the experience!”

Cindi Z


“There’s no being timid with Paula! She pushes you to dig deep and be bold and paint from the inside out. It’s simultaneously scary, life-affirming, and… really fun.”

Sherri E.


“After taking Paula’s art class, my painting experiences went from tedious to joy simply by learning how to shut my mind and open my heart. She is a teacher of passion and gently leads with loving support. Her class led me to my intuitive side and I am FREE!!”

Teresa D.


“Taking Paula’s workshop is a ‘must-do’ for painters that want to experience the exciting process of intuitive painting or what I call painting with abandon! As a teacher, Paula is positive, encouraging, passionate and high energy! She set’s the tone and the pace early on and then presses you to keep going. By the end of day two, she is pacing around the studio praising her tired students with ‘Now that’s what I’m talking about!!'”

Carol H.




Supplies needed are:

  • 4-5 canvasses – at least 30 x 30.
  • A wide variety of acrylic colors. (any brand – I use Matisse, Nova Colors, Golden – a wide variety) Pick your colors intuitively.
  • Alcohol (not the kind you drink, but you can bring that also!)
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • A large bucket
  • Big brushes, …they don’t have to be expensive!
  • Palette knives, sponges, stencils, oil pastels….anything, really, that you have been dying (but afraid) to try.
  • I also suggest a journal of sorts…or at least something that you can write in.
  • Also, at least a quart of Miniwax Polyacrylic in whatever sheen you desire…I use semi-gloss.


Most important of all to bring is a willingness to let go, experiment and play.

Being creative is about letting go, playing, and having fun!!!