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In today’s world, where all the news seems to be geared towards disaster, destruction and what is all wrong with the world….I want to offer Messages of Hope. I want to encourage others to share these messages with the world. I see the world as being good, and desiring of good, happy, and encouraging news, rather than the other. (see, I can’t even say what the other is!)

I tend to lean towards the glass is completely full (half water and half air) sort of belief. I like to focus on the good rather than the other. I’m what you might call a Warrior Pollyanna.


I like to believe that we have guardians watching out for us, and that, if you listen closely enough, you can hear their words of encouragement , praise and love.


The more I believe in the magic that the Universe or God offers, the more the messages and the incredibly loving beings come through me. Wanting me to share their messages. They are Warrior Pollyanna’s also.

This is my “job” in the world. It’s my “job” to offer encouraging words. It’s my “job” to bring in these messages. It’s my “job” to believe in magic.


And so, I’m asking you, if you so desire, to sign up for my Messages of Hope newsletter.


For a dose of encouragement to launch another happy and hopeful new day, week or month. To receive information about contests or giveaways I will be having to share my Beings with the world. To be among the first to know when I am offering workshops. To share information between us about the magic that YOU see in YOUR world.

Just to make the world a better place, in my way. In your way.

In OUR way.

Because isn’t that what we all want.

To be happy – to encourage others – to share love? (A rhetorical question…I know!)

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