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My Art is my Journey | My Journey is my Art

Artist. Writer. Sculptor. Three career choices I never considered. And yet, here I am.

This quote: “Art is not a thing, it is a way.” ~Elbert Hubbard~ sums me up perfectly.

At 45, I started painting. At 50, I started writing. At 55, I published a book. And at 60, I have started sculpting in metal. I would describe myself as a jack of all trades and (some what) a master of anything creative…But, there is always room for something new, different and exciting!!! I’m always expanding, always metamorphosing, and ALWAYS seeking a way to express my creativity. I hope you enjoy my creations, as much as I enjoy creating them.

I believe that it keeps me fresh, and allows God, the Universe, or Spirit (GUS) to work through me.

I am a Creative.

Whether it be painting, writing, sculpting, cooking, decorating or living my life.

This is my own personal journey. And this is my offering to the world.

Our world is suffering like never before. And yet, we are more divided than ever.

Being true to ourselves is more important than ever. We all smile. We all feel joy and pain. Our laughter sounds the same. No matter our age, race, religion, no matter what language we speak. We are one and the same. Our learning experiences are layered with time, creating the fine masterpieces that we are today. Whatever your lesson or challenge is, trust me, there are others out there with the same one.

I am reminded of a time in France, riding on the Metro – I remember looking at people, watching their faces, feeling their energy, knowing I had more in common with them because of our likenesses than our differences. We are all cut from the same universal cloth.

We all know when Spirit is speaking through someone because they speak with passion. Listen to a composer tell you about what he is working on. A chef, when he explains his menu. An artist, who feels her work so deeply, that she knows the message that is coming through is meant for someone special.

I am here to be me.  I am here to make a difference.

I’m willing to be transparent. To share my story so that others don’t feel alone.

I have messages that are dying to come through me. Coming from an extremely traditional background, it has been difficult for me to fully step into being a visionary – an empathic, intuitive artist who creates the unseen.  To know that there are those who will always see me as crazy – and to do it anyway.

I am very much a seeker of greater truths, and committed to uncovering the hidden truths that surround us all. Working with my guides and my own intuition, it is my job to share what I see. My story of believing in myself, and the courage that it has taken to follow my intuition and share what I know, I hope will give others permission to do the same.


                                                 ABOUT THE SCULPTURES

These Angel Fire Sculptures are created imperfectly, for a reason….

Some are missing wings….Some have tiny wings…. others have a full set. And yet, they are all perfect in their own imperfection.

Just like us…


Just like life…


We all have imperfections. Some physical. Some emotional. Some spiritual….

But, we are perfect. Just the way we are.

There is beauty in all of us. WE may not see it, but others do.

Take time to tell those in your life what you love about them….

I believe that I am creating these to remind us, that there are always angels amongst us…

Look for the uniqueness, rather than how someone is not the same.

I always wanted to fit in…but, how can I stand out, if I fit? How can I make a difference in my own unique way, if I am just like the others?

Which is why each of these angels are unique…each individually handcrafted so that none fit into a mold…

A dear friend summed it up perfectly: “Real life and emotion comes with splatters, boogers, blood, struggles, joy and laughter.

Otherwise, life is as straight and rigid as a pipe fence. Well built, clean smooth welds, but about as engaging and as inviting as a sharp poke in the eye.

Weld away and let the life and laughter be your guide. Goddess is giggling with joy at your new medium.”


May We Walk Together As One



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