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Interconnectedness…why is it important?

On Her Own Series - Things She would’ve said (48 x 36)What if the person working the drive through at Mcdonalds and you were more interconnected that you thought?   Ever entertained that idea?

I have – frequently – (it’s how my brain works – seriously…one never knows what’s gonna come outta there!).

Kit (my second child) and I were talking about how tight his glasses were on his temples. I suggested getting them adjusted.

“How exactly do they do it?”

“They work their magic!”


“Yes, magic – it’s what they do and who they are.”

He looked quizzically at me – which frequently happens when I am about to make an interesting point – because he knows that I am going to go about it my way – which tends to be a bit rambly.

“It’s like if someone asked me to paint a special colorful cow – I have done so many, that I could probably do them in my sleep – but I don’t. This cow would make someone very happy every day of their life when they look at its doe like eyes and colorful background. It’s easy for me, because that is why I am here.”

“You can’t compare what they do to what you do.”

“Ahhh, grasshoppah. ( I really didn’t say that, but looking back on it, it’s what I wished I would have said and it’s my story so I can put it in there!) “What they do is no less important to what I do. Say I get a new pair of glasses and they are bugging the shit outta me. I can’t get to that meditative state that I need to – love to – be in the create. Where the masterpieces are. Because all I can focus on is my damn glasses!”

“So, I get them adjusted. And MY magic starts flowing in. All because someone else worked HER magic!! It’s easy for her – because that is why SHE is here!”

Ahhhhh – the light bulb kinda went on – (he tends to be cynical – me – I’m just a Pollyanna.)

“So what exactly does that mean?”

“It means, little one, that we are all so interconnected that we really ARE one.”







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