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Magic, just pure Magic

I had a marvelous weekend.   I just surrendered and allowed.  And it was magic, just pure magic.  And wonder, and grace and all of those phrases, and yet, describing the weekend with words makes it something that it was not.

I spent Saturday with friends.  Talking and discussing the world, and events that we feel may be coming.   Discussing how we feel we are heading into a world of love, compassion, and peace.   Much as John Lennon’s song “Image” describes.   A world of Harmony and Understanding.   Magic – just pure magic.   There are many ways to look at a gathering, just as many ways to look at it as there are people – my way was/is to look at it as magic.

On Sunday, a friend asked me to go to Isleta Pueblo by Albuquerque for their feast day.  It was the first feast day I have ever gone to, or been invited to, so in spite of being really, really tired, I decided instead to take advantage of the offer.

Wow – I was NOT disappointed!  I was blessed with meeting several incredible people.   All with messages.   Two that really stood out were to be who I am – stay out of fear – and enjoy life, because it is the only one we get!  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  Most of our lives we are taught the “shoulds”.  We “should” do this, we “should” do that.  Depending on how you are raised the messages are all different, and yet the same.  They are all “shoulds”.

The biggest blessing was meeting an incredible family.   A family filled with love, joy, compassion and the willingness to share.   A family who has a very special patriarch – Joe Lucero – the elder of the Pueblo.  What a gift he is!   More magic. More pure magic.

And then, the next day while painting – even more magic.   A message from a very beautiful man that I met the day before from the family – “you realize that you are a gift. Time to open up and share from all you’ve gone through and experienced.. You are the only Paula that some people know…and will ever get so close to heaven’s love. So share it.”  And then, “You know it already, there was a time of preparation but you can only prepare for so long. It’s time you share your love and encouragement… You’ve paid the price, you’ve sacrificed.. time to let it all out.”   And the final message, “it’s written all over you, for those that take the time to see.”

He’s right.   It’s time.  It’s time to share the magic.  The laughter.  The love.  The process.  It’s time to encourage others also on this path.

Magic, just pure Magic.

Blessings to all.

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