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I’m Coming Out…. Spiritually


….as a spiritual being having a human experience.  A lightworker Full-blown woo-woo.  Airy fairy. A spiritual warrior. A believer in metaphysics.  As one who believes that positive thinking and love can change the world.  Yup…there ya have it.   It’s my confession of the day.  Actually, it’s the confession of my life.

It’s scary.  And exciting.  But, it is something that I have known that I am supposed to do for quite a while.  I’ve fought it as long as I can, but, I’m running out of excuses.

Mostly, my excuses have centered around “what will my family think of me?”.  However, I have realized that they already know.  They’ve known since I made the decision to move back to Taos.   Since I started honoring listening to my intuition rather than listening to the “shoulds” that filter in and out constantly of my monkey mind.

Then, my excuses were…”what will my friends think of me?”.  But, they all know how much of a metaphysical person I am.   AND, they are.  So that really was a very moot point.  And, they love me just the way I am.

And then, most recently, “How will I make it as a metaphysical, lightworking artist?”.   Hmmmm, much to consider here.  But, Paula, I said to myself, didn’t you come here this lifetime to learn to love yourself, step-into your power, and use your gift to change the world?  And the next question came…  AND. ARE. YOU. READY?

HELL YES!   I’m ready.  It has taken me 55 years to BE ready.  But I’m ready.

As a child, spirits talked to me..   Mostly right after they crossed….I never thought it was strange….because it happened.  Ouija boards moved.  Things went bump in the night.  I knew when things were going to happen before they did.  And then…came peer pressure and desiring so badly to fit in.  And, it went away.  Kinda like hibernation.  Until, I moved to Taos.  It was the energy there, the people…and OH…”The Mountain”.  And, the first man I dated after “waking up” was a shaman.  Talk about going from 0-150 in about 5 seconds. My world would never be the same.

I’ve always known that I am different.   (Or was I?) That I came here this lifetime to do “something special”. (Or was I?) Turns out, I am right.   I came here to be me.   To be authentic, and from integrity.  To be a catalyst…a change agent….one who believes that the world is going to shift.   From one of intolerance, greed and war to one of love, compassion and hope.  My “special” is not so different than what everyone else’s “special” is.  We’re ALL special.   We all have our life’s lessons…karma to clear…and then, Ta-Da….we get to BE who we are!   Isn’t that just absolutely delish?

I’m finally stepping into me.  My art has shifted dramatically.   I’m much more intuitive.  I’m listening to what I am being told to do.  It’s something kinda completely different than what I have done…but not so much.  They (the creations) – or my intuition is leading me to share them with the world sometime in February.  (and they are kinda bossy!) And, this is how I am to help “heal” the world.

My announcement will come through my newsletter….so iffin ya wanna know….sign up to my mailing list…

They are just PFM (and if you want to know what THAT means…  Text me at 785-483-7877…and I’ll give ya the scoop, poop. )

So…by my sharing of my story, I hope that you, too, feel the desire to share yours.   If I can find the courage, I know you can.

Go and ROCK the world!!!





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