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metamorphosisWe are all in the process of growth and change.  Always.  Life is change.  Even if you don’t change your beliefs, cellular change is always taking place.  It’s life.

As you may or may not know (and may or may not care….lol) I just got back from a second shamanic journey.  Life changing.  Attitude altering.  Peeled me like a banana.  (Or as I prefer to look at it, like an artichoke – the heart is where the good stuff is….underneath all of the prickly shit!)

The third night of my journey, I started down that dark scary place that I went to last time, and right in the middle of heading down that crazy dark staircase, I realized that “I” had the power.  “I” had the courage and the strength to say no – I’ve been here, and I choose not to do it again.  Fear was an illusion.

And, in that very moment….everything shifted.  Everything got lighter.  Brighter.  Clearer.  More peaceful.  More centered and grounded.   Sit back and enjoy the show during your journey, rather than fight the darkness – a very, very powerful message I received.

“You are in the middle of a powerful metamorphosis little one.  To fight the process is futile.  You are already mush (like the caterpillar in its cocoon).  Don’t force the inevitable change, rather, allow it to come.   Be open to the signs and messages that you will be receiving.  Allow your wings to fully form and know that all is perfectly timed.  Don’t push.  Just allow, and DON’T forget to breathe!”


And, it started happening.   I had a situation where I felt the “old me” want to come in and be insecure….kind of like you feel the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other.   The “old me” disintegrated before my eyes, and the “real me” stepped forward.

Metamorphosis.   It happens every day.   It happens to us all.   We aren’t the person we were yesterday, nor are we the person we will be in the future.   We are here now.   NOW….it’s the moment where it all happens.

Be present.  Breathe.

Know that you are perfect in your imperfection.

Don’t beat yourself up because you see others with their wings.  Allow yours to form.  Don’t rush the process.

So honored to know so many of you and to watch YOUR transformation……through YOUR transformation, it allows the rest of us to also transform.  Thank you for YOUR courage to step up and into who you really are.

With gratitude,


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