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The Pot of Gold….

Messenger of Transformation

…..at the end of the rainbow.   Tell me, you haven’t dreamed of finding the pot of gold.  The gift of a long journey to somewhere in never never land (oops – wrong story!).

This morning I was gifted by the skies with a large incredibly beautiful full rainbow to the west.  I was sitting outside drinking coffee and listening to the serenades of the early birds (who – by the way – were getting the worms!).  There it was.  Whoa…so much beauty and peace.

And, it occurred to me that my journey to find me has been much like my journey as a very young child when I set out with my little suitcase after a storm to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Bear with me.

No matter how close I seemed to get to the rainbow, it continually moved.

I never reached my destination.  To the riches that were promised.  To the proverbial “pot”.

Much like all of my seeking.  I’ve been looking outside of myself.  Thinking that there WAS a destination.  Rather than going deep within and discovering that the riches are within.   Money can’t buy happiness (but it does serve a purpose and can buy nice things).  Oh, but of course, I’ve tried to fool myself that I wasn’t looking outside of myself – like we all do at times – however, with my recent journey, I realized, only “I” have my answers.  My answers to why.  My answers to what.  My answers to all of the questions we all ask ourselves.

The more we chase the “pot of gold” (i.e. the riches within us) the more illusive the end of that rainbow becomes.

It happens when we are quiet –  and tap our ruby red slippers together and say “There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home” (again – wrong story – but I think you get the message), and pay attention to what our inner voice – our true self – is saying to us, that it comes.

The wisdom of the ages – you are enough.  You are more than enough.   You are the most enough that you could ever be.   You are a gift.   There is only one you (and in my case – thank god!). You are beautiful, talented, loving, smart, funny, gifted…etc etc.   The answers aren’t out there.

They are inside.

That’s where the riches reside.

It can’t be chased.  It can’t be bought.  It just is.

It’s a treasure that no money can buy.

The gift of acceptance.  Acceptance of yourself.  Love of yourself….Seeing yourself as a gift.

Because you are.

Much love,


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