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naturallessonsI’ve been walking.  A lot.  Every morning.  At least two miles.  Over the river and through the woods, so to speak.  Through neighborhoods, and along country roads.  Which means, as you know, that I have to get dressed super early.   A feat in itself, as most of you know me to stay in my pajamas and paint in them until noon….or even all day!

Something has been calling me to walk.  This morning…it occurred to me what it was.  I spend a lot of time observing nature, people’s yards, birds, smelling smells, and listening.

There are many different gorgeous wildflowers.  Some low to the ground, with beautiful purple flowers.  The kind that demands that you stop and look.  And then move on.  There are wild daisy’s.  Queen Anne’s Lace. Little bitty teeny white flowers (sorry, I don’t know your name!) on long stalks.  Spiderwort.  A wild gorgeously colored poppy ( kind of Cadmium Red Light – sorry – those of you who are artists know what I am talking about!) every once in a while as a relief from the yellows, whites and blues.

The honeysuckle fills the air with its heavy perfumy scent.  The dogwoods have long since given up their blooms – but they were gorgeous this year.   There are showy trees in yards, and some are there as supporting actors.  Some yards are pristine and others are unkempt with tons of clover and weeds.   The unkempt ones hold just as much fascination for me as the pristine ones.  There is no comparing.

I hear a cacophony of jays yelling at each other, with no one listening and everyone speaking.   There are still cricket sounds.  The woodpeckers rat-a-tat-tatting.   I hear builders hammering in unison.  All of a sudden, I’m aware of a single goose flying over…quietly honking….alone….maybe looking for a mate…or mateless.

There are slugs along the sidewalk.  And worms.  Seeking…looking…Are they lost?

A yellow butterfly flits from flower to flower….

A wasp lands on my arm.  I stand still until it decides to move on.

It occurs to me, that nature is an example of how our lives are. Or should be (really hate that word)….How about could be?  Some are here to be showy.  Some to be smelly.  Some as supporting actors, and some as main characters.  But, no one telling the other that they are wrong in how they look, what they are here to do, or how they smell, or sound.   Everything and everyone works together.  Regardless of their job in life.  There is no judgement, no pointing of fingers and telling another that they are the wrong color, or make the wrong sound, or that they are growing in the wrong place.

We should take lessons from nature.  Allow others to grow where planted.  Don’t be judgmental if they are big and showy or flit from flower to flower.  If they appear to be lost.   If they are alone, or if they are in a group.   If they smell wonderful, or if they stink.  If they are short and showy, or tall and have relatively little color.  If they appear to be dangerous…allow them to move on. Without the need to swat or get all discombobulated.

Nature doesn’t compare…   it just is.

Just like us..   We just are.   We are here to be who we are to be.   No comparisons.  No judgment.

Much love,



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