She’s Testing Her Wings


She's Testing Her Wings
She’s Testing Her Wings

She’s Testing Her Wings – and getting ready to fly.

After some serious time off from….well….almost everything….life, people, etc. etc.,  and some intense soul-searching (and soul retrieval), I am back.   Slowly, but surely.  Major changes in my life and lots of lessons learned.   It’s all good – kind of like eating an artichoke.  The outer leaves are hard and prickly, but the more layers you peel, the more tender, succulent, and heavenly the reward is.  And then….you get to the heart.  Wow…you had no idea it could be soooooo good.  But, you don’t eat it all at once.  You savor every single little teeny tiny bite.  Because you know it is what you worked so hard to get to.    Well, that is where I am in my life right now.

I have to admit, I’ve felt a tad like Van Gogh lately, sans the ear slicing.  Wondering where it all is taking me.   Wondering what I am truly “here” for.  Wondering if I am really supposed to be here.

But then….I had an epiphany, a V-8 moment, a rare (but coming more frequently) moment of clarity. A friend posted on Facebook, “Within each and every lifetime there are two essential components. The first is the Life Talent – that which you must give. The second is the Life Lesson – that which you must learn.”   I have been gifted with an incredible talent from Creator.  I am an artist.   No matter how many times I try or think I should be or do something else, that inner voice keeps talking to me – “Paint, Paula.  It is who you are.  Share your gift with the world, and learn how to be.  Learn how to be, not how to do.  You already know how to ‘do’.  Just learn how to ‘be’, and what you are to paint will come to you.”   And, so the listening began.

I’ll admit, one of the biggest issues I deal with is impatience.  And the drive to “do” all the time.   And yet, the quieter I am becoming, the more the images, and messages come in.  My intuition is stronger.   I don’t always feel the need to make people happy, nor do I worry as much about what they think.   Because I am one of those creative mystics.   One of those who, when I take the time to be quiet and listen, has messages, or visions, or whatever come through me.   Now, I get to be who I came here to be.

I get to paint my journey.   I have a visual, and written documentation of my journey.   It’s probably not much different than your journey.   Actually, our journey’s probably parallel each other.   We all seem to be searching for what “it” is.   The meaning of life.   The meaning of our lives.  Why we are all here.    The Reason for being.  I know now, the reason is to find joy.  Happiness. Peace. Love.  All of those cheesy corny phrases that we never seem to think are important.   But, they are.

They are the reason for being.

And so, here is the first painting, and blog that gives testimonial  to my awakening.

Blessings to all of you.   I am grateful for you being in my life.


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