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She is Me….

She is Me (40 x 30)…I am her…..you are me…We are all one.

Her energy is increasing daily.  She is becoming more rooted, more aware of the changes within her, within them, within Gaia.

She feels everything and has her shield of protection.

She is elegant and filled with Grace, Compassion, Light, and Love

I haven’t painted much the past couple of weeks.  Not that I haven’t been getting messages to paint, it’s just that I have felt the need to marinate some of the messages.   And, as is typical for me, I feel as though I must be “doing” something constantly.   AND, I beat myself up for not DOING something.

Sometimes, the clearest messages come in the quiet.  They come in the BEing time.  Oh, hells bells, the clearest messages ALWAYS come in the quiet.   I’m learning that…slowly…

I’m realizing that it is just as important to completely relax during the time I give myself off – and ALLOW the messages to come through without guilt for BEing quiet.

Because they always come.

When I’m quiet.

You would think I would learn.


I will.

Much love


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