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Dance Like No One is Watching
Dance Like No One is Watching

…..is love…sweet love.   It’s the pollyanna.   She comes out continuously.  I keep trying to stuff her back in, but she keeps coming out.  So, I suppose that rather than continuing to ignore her (obviously she is a huge part of me), that I am going to encourage her to speak her mind, give her time to shine, and then perhaps she’ll go away. I seriously doubt it, and at this point, I’m not sure I want her to disappear.  Because, now that I am finally listening to her, she makes sense.

It makes me sound a tad like a hippie in the 60’s walking around with my fingers up in the air saying “Peace”.  But, I like that.  There is so much hatred, greed, judgement, anger and fear, that I think the world is definitely due a paradigm shift.

And, it starts with oneself.  Hear me out on this.   Start with yourself…don’t worry about others…heal, forgive and love yourself….and you will heal, forgive and create a world of love.  If you have nothing but love and compassion for yourself, there is no way to have love and compassion for everyone.   Because ….all you would see in another is what you see in yourself.   Simple…..and yet, so incredibly complex.   There would be no need for wars.   Or hatred.  Or bigotry.

A world of tolerance….a world of love….

I know…  Pollyanna….   I like her.   I wanna stay in her world.   I choose to believe that the world will change.   Is changing.   One person at a time.

And, it all starts with me.  Or you.

Much love,


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