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It’s a Wonderful (and Magical) Life

Do you want to hear a MAGICAL story?  I love sharing stories that are full of divine intervention from GUS (God, Universe, Spirit).

I’ve realized that I need to start putting myself “out there” more, as I am truly an introvert, and prefer my pj’s to clothes and slippers to shoes….don’t even get me started on wearing a bra!!!

I have made an amazing new friend who is an incredibly talented floral artist (not designer – but a true floral artist!), who is so much like me it is almost uncanny.   Putting herself “out there” is equally as hard for her.  She called me the other day and asked me if I might want to go to a Kiss the Pig event to raise money for Diabetes research….All I would have to do is donate a painting….she made a quick phone call, and it was ON like Donkey Kong!   Turns out one of the people hosting the event was someone that I had met.  He loved my work, and was excited that I wanted to donate.

I have had a flu, and that day was a particularly draining day for me.  I was talking with a friend, and she suggested that I should probably self-care and stay home – I was adamant that self-care for myself was going to the event.  It was NOT an option to stay home.  Little did I know what would transpire.

One of my fantasy dreams is to paint onstage with the Philharmonic – call it visions of grandeur – but, none-the-less, a dream of mine.  One that I had tucked very far, far away… hidden, that honestly, I had forgotten about it.

It just so happened, that the man hosting the event, was/is the Executive Director of the Philharmonic.


While talking with my friend and this gentleman, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, and as if I was being pushed by an ornery guide of mine – these words were out of my mouth before I could catch them….”I’ve always had a dream of painting onstage with the Philharmonic!”   Oh. Holy. Shit.   My friend’s jaw dropped….I think I turned 1000 shades of red.  This wonderful man looked me dead in the eye, with a sense of amazement and said, “I’ve been trying to make that happen for ages!  YES!!!”  I told him that quite honestly, it was such a fantasy that I had only told a couple of people about it…  His reply was priceless….”But, you’ve never told anyone that can MAKE it happen, have you???!!!”   No, I guess I hadn’t.


It looks like in the near-ish future, I will be painting at Crystal Bridges with the Philharmonic.

Pinch me.

May we walk together as one.

Blessings y’all.


What if…..

I want to play a game….A game called “What If”.  I just recently finished a series on Netflix called Travelers…For those of you who have seen it, you know there was a HUGE cliffhanger.  For those of you who don’t know anything about the series…the cliff notes are that people “traveled” from the future, to fix the past. And, it got me thinking.

What if we are travelers?  What if we came here to fix the past?  Far-fetched??  Maybe.  Or…..maybe not.

What if we are given all of the tools to figure out what to do this lifetime….ie….astrology, tarot, numerology, AND intuition….and the reason why we hesitate to speak out that we believe in our tools, is because it is looked at as being crazy?  Look at the media – it’s full of stories making people who believe in this seem crazy.  An episode of Friends comes to mind where Phoebe was talking about something “out there” and she was made to look like a ditz (Ok…she was a bit of a ditz…but, you get the idea.)  It happens all the time.

What if food really IS medicine, and yet, we are controlled through fear by the pharmaceutical companies to believe that if we don’t take medicine, we will die. (Ok, a bit dramatic, but, there is some truth to my statement!)  Example:  You all may know that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease…I choose to go to a Doctor who treats “dis-ease” naturally…supplements, etc.  In addition to that, I also started following the Medical Medium, and started juicing – mostly celery juice – every morning.  Last visit – no more Lyme!!!   Also, food for thought here….why is it that over 80 holistic practitioners have met with untimely deaths?  (Starting to see a pattern?  Cuz, I am.)

What if Trump is Hitler reincarnated and we are being given a second chance to right the wrongs that were committed in the past?  Thousands are waking up every day….and, I believe one of the reasons is to bring light into the world.  (I may be met with opposition with this statement – but it is MOO – My Opinion Only – and I am entitled to it – just sayin!)

What if there really ARE angels and guides and beings that are sent to you to help you find your way?  I know I believe – it seems every time I ask for signs….they come.

What if we are here just to play this game called LIFE, and the winners are the ones who find their way to joy, love and compassion?  I’m not saying that you need to be “woke” to play the game…..there are thousands who contribute….just by being who they are.   But, what if all of the players on the team need each other – no matter how seemingly insignificant they are….because…what if….that smile from the man who works at Panera totally makes your day, and makes you grateful to be alive?

Please feel free to add your “What-ifs”…I’d love to hear them.

May We Walk together as one….because we truly do.




Not even my family, nor my closest friends know….

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What is a “Mentor”?

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