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This started as a regular ole post, and when I started writing, I was aware that there was more to say than I thought about this subject…  So, here are my musings for the day.
Once you commit to a spiritual path…you will start learning lessons to help you become….well…the best version of you that you came to be.
The lessons…at first….will be challenging (to say the least)…and you may want to quit.  It’s not all namaste and unicorns farting glitter filled rainbows.
But, you can’t unknow what you already know.  There will be a period that you question why you said yes, and a phase of anger, confusion and “why me”.
Then, you release, relax, regroup and really start listening.
Everything happens for a reason and, even though you might not be able to see those reasons immediately,  eventually  (if you can drop the “victim” act), you are rewarded with answers.
The lessons get deeper and more profound much like a spiral…there are more and more layers to every lesson.
I like to compare it to one of those gumball machines that drop the gumball in a spiral…before you get your reward…it gets intense…always revisiting the same place, but deeper.
You can’t stop the gumball, but, you can watch in fascination as that colorful ball gets closer and closer to your possession.
It’s about the process – and whether or not you are in a position to react, respond, or just release and allow.
Every learning experience is different and it is up to each one of us to decipher what is true for ourselves.  Is this Karma?  A lesson?  A soul contract?
I’ve noticed a big change in my art since this last “growth” (translation – lots of lessons and AHA moments) period.
My palette has changed.
The messages are more lighthearted.
I accept who I am more.  I respond rather than react more.  Or, I don’t respond at all.  I’m happier.  I don”t feel the need to be “coupled”.  I enjoy nature more often.  I’m good with being quiet and alone.
This painting – Transfiguration – reflects me leaving the old me behind and becoming…well….more me than I ever have been.  It’s a blend of my old and my new style.  Very raw and vulnerable, AND, unfinished.  Kinda like we all are.  A work in progress.  The shadow side is still present, and beautiful.
If it hadn’t been for a small handful of people that I honor, respect and trust, I would have still arrived here, just not quite as fast as I did….for those people, I am truly grateful.  They listened, and offered advice when it was needed (and one, still occasionally uses a 2 x 4 – but, she is my go to for blunt honesty, and I LOVE her for that!!!).
Blessings to all of you who have chosen this incredible journey to yourself.
I want you to know that you are never alone.
May we walk together as one.
PS….Still much more deepening of the lessons.  I’ll never “arrive”, but will continually be amazed at everything I learn.
AND,  be grateful.

Outside of Her Comfort zone

Outside of Her Comfort Zone
Outside of Her Comfort Zone

Strange painting, I know.  But, I felt driven to create it….and then waited patiently for it’s message.  Not all paintings are meant to be masterpieces.   Some are created to push oneself.  To try new techniques and materials.  To go where one has not gone before.

And, then it came.

The message.

GO OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  And, don’t worry about what others think.  Create for the sheer joy of creating.  Don’t worry about what others think.  Because, this is one of your lessons.  Push your own boundaries without worry or care of criticisms.  AND POST IT!!!

Well.  Hell’s Bells.

Okay….I’ll do it.

I think we all get into “comfort ruts”.   We know what works, what sells, and what others want.  But, is that truly the job of an intuitive, visionary artist?

Oh sure, we all need to pay the bills, and eat, but, is that really our job?

How can we create a new reality, if we are insistent on the status quo?

Is it our “job” as artists to only create happy art?  Saleable art?  Or is it our job to create art to disturb the comfortable, and make them think?   Both?  Neither?

I don’t have that answer.

All I know, is that I felt a HUGE need to create this yesterday.

I think it’s about being seen.  No matter what.   To put myself out there as I never have before.  To push MY boundaries with no fear of the reactions.  It’s a big step for me.   All of my life, I’ve wanted to fit in.  To not “rock the boat”.  Yet, another part of me fights that.

Some of us are here to rock the boat, to question why, to make others think.

Pretty sure, that is one of my “jobs”.

And so…here it goes…

Push the button Paula….hit it…have the courage to put something out there that is different.

I guess this is my way of encouraging others to also step a bit outside of their own comfort zones….to be authentic to who THEY are.

May we walk together as one…




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