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Comforting the Disturbed….

…..and disturbing the comfortable.

It’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s a special calling for a few artists whose soul and higher self begs for them to create art along with messages that are controversial.

And particularly challenging for those artists who are susceptible and worry about what others think, because of their wounding, and life’s lessons.  And, for those who were raised very “traditionally”, it presents a whole other plethora of issues.

All I can present is MY story – but I think that many other artists are in the boat with me.

Making pretty “acceptable” art is fun – and there is always a place for this…But, I KNOW that some of you are being called to bring in messages…and it’s scary.

I started traditionally – cows, sheep, roosters, pigs – fun and delightful, and near and dear to my soul.

And then, IT started.

It began with a message from a very well known artist – “Don’t let galleries pigeon-hole you.  Don’t paint for them.  It will stifle your creativity – the messages you are to bring through.”

Abstraction started – followed by “beings and angels” – and then – the messages became as important as the paintings.

I HAVE to paint these.

It has become even clearer to me after these past three months of intense introspection and lessons.  I know that many of us are going through the eye of the needle right now – with Spirit/God asking us if we are truly committed to the path that we chose.  It is taking HUGE amounts of courage, dedication, and shedding to get to where we are – and I applaud each an every one of you for NOT FOLLOWING THE M(ASSES)!!!

Creatives – all creatives – that are authentic to their paths, are the ones that are bringing in the new consciousness – the change that is needed.  We bring in questions – we bring in light – we bring in joy and love.

One of my latest paintings is a great example of listening to my knowing – being petrified to put it out there – and doing it anyway:

It’s called Faces in the Crowd – and here is the message:



A message about society.

About the way so many walk around like zombies.

Willing to follow the masses.

Not questioning, or thinking for themselves.

Becoming empty, because they fill themselves up with things, and busy themselves with jobs that they don’t care about….

Not finding time to play.

Look at the sky.




Just finding time to BE.

Instead they try to keep up with the Jones’…(no pun intended).

Losing themselves in the Crowd, rather than standing out, because they have been taught that standing out is a “bad” thing.

How will YOU stand out today?

May we walk together as one.

I KNOW that this painting “disturbed the comfortable”, because someone commented : “Me no like”.  Six months ago, I would have deleted my post.  I would have been totally embarrassed to have posted something that someone didn’t like.   Three months ago I would have deleted her comment.  Yesterday, I said, “Good.  It’s meant to disturb!”  And I meant it.
Does it scare the shit out of me to put these messages, these paintings out there???   Hell YES!!!!  Will I continue to do it?  Of course.
It’s time to wake up.  It’s time to be authentic.  It’s time to shine our collective light.  We have all become numb to stuff that we wouldn’t have put up with 10 years ago.  We are numbed and dumbed.
So – here is to all of you who feel the calling and are scared to death and do it anyway.
May we walk together as one.

Saying “I do”

Transfiguration (48 x 48)

Saying “I do” to a spiritual journey is one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions one can ever make.  It opens you up to all of your wounds and patterns that have not served you well, and causes you to look deep within and dig up old “ick” that, quite honestly, is very painful.

Because, doing so, makes you examine closely why you have behaved a certain way in the past to certain triggers, alienating people, hurting people, but ultimately, how you punish yourself for all of your transgressions.

I can see why people choose to stay asleep…It is so much easier (but, NOT as rewarding!!), to continue to cover up and not look at your why’s.

Most of the time I choose to look deeper, I go through self-flagellation.  How could I have been so ________? (You fill in the blank.)  How could I have hurt the ones I love so deeply?

The majority of MY answers go back to my wounding.  What I did to survive as a highly sensitive child and Empath.  My walls and survival techniques were the only way that I knew.  It’s what I was taught.  It’s all I knew.  However, I know that with each step of the journey, I get so much closer to loving myself.  Completely.  Flaws, warts and all.  Which allows me to have compassion and love for others.

Am I always able to show that love and compassion towards others?  Oh, HELL no!   Because, I am the world’s greatest beater upper of myself.

I am learning that most of my suffering has come from my lack of boundaries.  Because I am an Empath and HSP, and because of how I was raised (and I’m guessing a lot of you were raised this way), I did not see the problems that this caused…UNTIL I DID!!!!!

Now, to put into practice what I have and am learning.

Boundary setting is hard.

You will piss people off who are used to being able to walk all over you.  You will lose friends, and in some cases, family members.   You will make mistakes, because this is all new to you.  DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!!!   Please know that you will make mistakes.  This is all unchartered territory.  Communicate.  Be vulnerable.  Communicate.  Take responsibility. Communicate.  (Have I said that enough?)

I am honored and delighted to be working with (AND, she is a dear, dear friend), someone who is helping me create my own container.  My boundaries.  Brooke Tatum, of Fierce Empath has helped me see how the majority of my triggers, and wounding has come from the lack of boundaries.  Brene Brown talks about it frequently, as does Christiane Northrup.   For those of us who were raised without boundaries – it’s eye opening. And, once your eyes are opened – the lessons and tests will come.   Trust me on this.  People will be taken aback, and wonder why you have changed.  You will question if it is all worth it.  I know I have.  It’s worth it.  I think…  LOL….

I am making mistakes, because this is all new to me….but, being able to say I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior, nor will I listen to you yell at me, is actually kind of empowering.

Please know that you are not alone.

May we walk together as one.



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