Always my hero

Always My Hero

Eight years ago today…my life changed forever.   I was in a hospital in Wichita, Kansas, and as a family, we decided that my father no longer required the life support he was on.  It was something that he and my mother had discussed with all of us at some length in the years prior to this event……it was almost as if Dad and Mom knew what situations were coming.

As I held his hand for the last time, I was transported to where he was…it was a sort of an in-between place, and he was watching the family as we surrounded his bed.  I could see my grandparents in the background, along with a little white dog, and scads of relatives that had crossed over.   Dad kept saying, “but I’m worried about all of you!”  Which, of course, was his manner. His family always came first.   I told him “We will be fine. We will miss you terribly, but we will be okay.”  He asked, “But, can’t I recover from this?”….no Dad…it was a whisper.  And then I did one of the hardest things I ever did in my life…I told him “Turn around….look who is waiting for you.”  He turned and when he turned back toward me he was radiant…..Just pure light and love….

“One thing, before I go I want to tell you Paula Jean, Always BE happy…Always…..can you promise me that?”

I can, Dad.

And he turned….


He was the most incredible father….he taught me how to tap dance, insistent on piano lessons, how to remodel houses, change my oil…..

I miss you everyday.


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