Battle won….

….but the “war” continues.

I rolled over at 3 AM to this text from a wise man whom I greatly respect regarding the “battle” at Standing Rock.

“Not one prayer, but collective prayers, are the true miracle of #nodapl.”

….I smiled, knowing it is true, and tried to go back to sleep, but, my guides, my muse, wouldn’t allow it.  Every time I snuggled back into my den (because – COLD!), they were jabbering in my head.  Or heart. Or soul.  I never truly know how to describe how the messages come to me, just that they come.

His words resonated.

And then, the download started.

“Please, can I have coffee first?”

“Sure, but HURRY – we have lots to say!!!”

Half a cup later, they were insistent….

We are the change we have been waiting for.   Every single person who has gone to support at Standing Rock, and those who helped from home, and those who read about it, was/were affected in one way or another.

It’s the ripple effect that I always talk about.  The 100th monkey story.   This is why this is so powerful.

I am friends with several who went there.  And, I know from experience that the energy there was something that is almost indescribable.  It was a feeling of love, peace, compassion and prayer.  It was a feeling of acceptance, harmony and cohesiveness.  It was working together to fight something that is bigger than just one.

It changed me.

I realized that I had been living in my own bubble, my own little world.   When there is something so much larger than me out there.  I realized that I too, had a voice, and it was time to use it.   I spoke to three classes about what was happening there. I painted and I wrote.  I have friends who also used their voices.

My "class".  The one standing facing me, will change the world in her own way.
My “class”. The one standing facing me, will change the world in her own way.

It rippled.

I believe that Trump (Ok – hear me out on this), is key to this change.  I saw it the moment he started running for office.  He is our collective darkness.   He has pulled back the veil on all of the anger, hatred, and FEAR that exists in this world.  I believe that he will indeed “Make American Great Again.”, just not in the way that HE has it mapped out in his mind.

What he, and his followers haven’t and didn’t count on, was the power of the collective consciousness.  The power of love.  The power of LIGHT.

More and more are waking up right now.  Never before in my short conscious life have I been able to talk this openly about what I believe and know at my center.  For every one person whom I have talked with about this (and trust me, I’m not too shy when it comes to talking about the power of light!), I know that they are talking with others, etc. etc.

I never believed that “I” could make a difference.

But, I can.

And, so can you.

Everyone who prayed for the situation at Standing Rock did.  With every share on Facebook, and every time we voiced our concern, we changed the energy.  We stayed peaceful.  We stayed prayerful.  We stayed in love and light.

Yesterday’s victory is ours.  Ours as a collective consciousness.

We must gather strength from this victory.  Because the war will continue.

We have something that they don’t have.  We have something worth fighting for.

Gaia.  Mother Earth.  Love, peace and harmony.

We have started “killing” the black snake of greed, and for any of you who have actually killed a snake, you know that they can still bite after the head is cut off.  This is the time that they are the most dangerous.  Because you THINK they are dead…..(click here if you want the story!)

It’s the time to be hyper-aware.

For today – let’s celebrate our collective victory….let’s celebrate the fact that we saw/see forgiveness, love and prayer in action.  Very, very powerful victory.

Let’s gather our strength as a collective consciousness to move forward and continue the powerful work that we came here to do.

The light cannot be dimmed any longer.  Use your light to light others.  All it takes is a kind word, a helping hand, a listening ear, an encouraging word, or a hug.

I see friends who are stepping up in a big way, in spite of their fear.  I see their courage and conviction. I honor that more than you know.   Because that gives ME courage and conviction.


It’s my Pollyanna speaking, but I do see this happening in our lifetime.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Just Imagine (Thank you John Lennon, for your vision!)

May we walk together as one.



Together We Rise From the Earth
Together We Rise From the Earth




5 Responses to Battle won….

  1. This is perfect, my thoughts too… Though admittedly it took me a couple weeks to get to this place of acceptance! Am even grateful for him showing us everything that is wrong in America. It won’t be easy, change never is, but it is so necessary. I’m ready to infurse positivity while being vigilant! Let the sh*t show begin 🙂

  2. I agree except I don’t think that Trump is unaware of the collective consciousness — that’s how he won the election.

    Standing Rock is a prime example of, not only collective consciousness, but personal sovereignty. This is the same thing I heard from Bernie and Trump during the campaigns. Early in his campaign Trump said, “There’s something going on out there, and it’s beautiful.” He wasn’t talking about the election, he was talking about the spiritual movement. He always said ‘we’ not ‘I’. He told huge crowds, “I love you.” He said, “I will be your voice. The change will come from you. You are the authors of the future.”

    I don’t know if we should take him literally regarding his solutions. He said he wants to have the most powerful military on the earth and never have to use it. He said he wants to build a wall with a big beautiful door. He wants to bring jobs back to America. He wants to be energy independent, and he specifically said (I was looking for it) ALL types of energy (not just oil). I listened to an inane discussion just a couple days ago about how we can become energy independent, and not one talking head mentioned anything other than oil!

    My point is that he could not say, there will be peace on earth, we will have a borderless society, we will have free energy all over the globe, and we won’t need jobs because we’ll each be given a million bucks and artificial people will do all our chores. They’d have hauled him away for sure.

    By letting the peaceful protestors know that they might lose this fight, caused them (and us) to fight even harder for this cause. There was something going on out there, and it was beautiful! Huffington has the most beautiful pics of the collective victory.

    I don’t presume to know what is in Trump’s mind, I am only stating what I read between the lines.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece. I continue to send blessings, love and light to these peaceful protestors, and to the opposition. I call on Archangel Gabriel, the messenger, to put a message in the minds of all to show reverence to our Mother Earth.

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