Big, no, HUGE Rant Post…

Yesterday I posted something that was super hard for me to share. It was very vulnerable, and very much about my process and my lessons. And, believe it or not, I received a comment from someone who doesn’t know me at all, and who obviously did not read my post, chastising me….

Here is the link to yesterday’s post.

This is one of the chastising comments (I actually received TWO!!!).

“Sometimes “non-spiritual” guys accept you for who you are and are fine with you being on your path, whatever that may be. Why judge him before getting to know him first, if you found something about him attractive? Maybe there are other ways to find commonality. Maybe he finds his kind of spirituality in nature, or in a good book, or in eating great food. Sometimes, spiritual guys are assholes also. Just saying. Maybe look at your own judgements here. Then again, maybe it was just meant to be a fleeting moment.”


Seriously, did she even READ my blog? If my soul, my journey, my path did not want me to grow in the ways that I am being asked, I, honestly, would have stayed married to my former husband. He was a very good man, just not on a spiritual path.

Look at my own judgement? I KNOW what my path entails….and requires….It is to be with someone spiritual. There is something that I know that I am to do with a spiritual man. Will I settle? NO!!!! I’m happy being alone. Yes, I am so very aware that “non-spiritual” guys will accept me for who I am, and it is NOT judgement to make an observation that someone is not on a spiritual path. It’s no different than a woman saying that she wants a Christian man. My life. My decision.

Plus, if she had actually READ MY BLOG, perhaps she would have read that I made an attempt to get to know him, and all I received was crickets. Kinda hard to get to know someone, when they don’t want to be known.

My post was about my process. It wasn’t about judgement.

I know that I am not perfect….It’s called progress, NOT PERFECTION.

My close friends know that if they see me getting off track, they have my permission to pull out a 2 x 4 and use it if I need it.

So…this is my HUGE rant post. Don’t make frickin judgement comments when you obviously do NOT know my path, and, furthermore, have NOT read my post.

End Rant


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