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Angels Among Us

This is the story of the Angels….Angel Fire Sculptures….and how they were born…

Two years ago, I asked for recommendations on where to go in Agnes….I always went to the SW, but, I was obviously needing a change…My gallery owner and his wife in Birmingham offered to let me part in their driveway at their lakehouse, plus, they said…”You have to meet Barry”.

Barry and I hit it off immediately…He is one of the few people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting who is a true creative….he and his wife have turned their land into a magical fairy land….you cannot turn around without being surprised and delighted by their creations.

I asked Barry if he could make me a feather sculpture out of metal…His answer surprised me, AND lit a fire (literally) under me….”No, but I will teach you how”.

I stayed a month….creating paintings, creating angels…having one of the best times of my life….

I was obsessed. I applied for an LLC….Angel Fire Sculptures. I booked the Dallas Market, the Las Vegas Market, and a couple of Vintage Market Days.


Nothing but fucking crickets.

I KNEW they were my golden goose.

But, they weren’t….I was focused on selling them….more than I was focused on the energy that comes through me when I create them…and the energy that they bring to their new adopted people.

In March, I received clear guidance to put them out in the public again. “The world needs our energy of hope. Our compassion. And our love.”

“They” were right.

Since March, over 160 angels have been adopted….Clearly, my guides and angels know what they are talking about….LOL…..they usually do, but, I can be super bull-headed.

I can’t wait to get up every morning and create….It is the same feeling that I got when I first started painting….

This is my latest creation….I’m blessed with a dear friend who knows just how much to push me, without totally pissing me off…and, so TA-DA…here it is:

This one was so channeled…. They were very specific about the number of “Beings” – 22 – a Master Number in Numerology. And hearts….four to be exact….(look closely….you will find them all!!!)

This sculpture is about unity. NOT division. Right now there is more division than I have ever seen in my life. I have so many friends that are so adamant about their way of looking at this whole pandemic as RIGHT, with no wiggle room. THOSE people are way too full of EGO for me right now.

You never know who an angel is… It could be a neighbor who smiles and waves when you are feeling all alone, it could be someone who helps you load your car full of metal when you are obviously struggling, or, it could be your littles who tell you they love you on FaceTime.

These Angels want us to remember that they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.. look at the beings in the sculpture…no two are alike. Just like us….and they are perfectly imperfect…just like us…sigh…they really are coming in to teach us all something very important. This virus, and it’s my two cents worth only, is here to teach we are all one. Of course, theories abound, and there is probably a bit of truth in each one, but, we need to be discerning about what we believe for ourselves…. because, we are all here to play different roles. Vax, no vax, 5G, blah blah blah ..just pay attention to YOUR intuition. Just remember that others believe their stories, just like you believe yours, so, have compassion.

Here is why they are created in the manner that they are:

These Angel Fire Sculptures are created imperfectly, for a reason….

Some are missing wings….Some have tiny wings…. others have a full set. And yet, they are all perfect in their own imperfection.

Just like us…

Just like life…

We all have imperfections. Some physical. Some emotional. Some spiritual….

But, we are perfect. Just the way we are.

There is beauty in all of us. WE may not see it, but others do.

Take time to tell those in your life what you love about them….

I believe that I am creating these to remind us, that there are always angels amongst us…

Look for the uniqueness, rather than how someone is not the same.

I always wanted to fit in…but, how can I stand out, if I fit? How can I make a difference in my own unique way, if I am just like the others?

Which is why each of these angels are unique…each individually handcrafted so that none fit into a mold…

A dear friend summed it up perfectly: “Real life and emotion comes with splatters, boogers, blood, struggles, joy and laughter.

Otherwise, life is as straight and rigid as a pipe fence. Well built, clean smooth welds, but about as engaging and as inviting as a sharp poke in the eye.

Weld away and let the life and laughter be your guide. Goddess is giggling with joy at your new medium.”

May We Walk Together As One

Heal the world

Many of us came here from the stars….Each having a specific “job” to do to help heal humanity.

Yesterday, I was guided to paint something I might normally not paint. Star people. I sat in meditation for the majority of the day to receive the message. The download that I received from this painting was very direct.


What ever it takes for YOU to stay out of fear…DO IT!!!

So much going on, on this experiment called EARTH that you all were so EXCITED to volunteer for. And, bless your hearts, (we DO mean that in the Southern way!), you all are so bombarded with the one thing that the dark ones count on to control you, and make this experiment fail – FEAR!!!!! (We say, Bless your hearts, because WE know that you really know down deep, that this is why you came here this lifetime….This is the crescendo, the climax, the coup de gras!!!!!)


First, it was that “man”, (we use that term very loosely, because we kinda get your sense of humor), that was elected to the head of the US. And then, it went to HIS head, all ego, and, well, we know that was enough to send a large majority of you all to the precipice of doubt and frustration. And, yet, you continue to AMAZE us with your tenacity.

A very large majority of you see the bigger picture, and you are doing according to what your intuition is guiding you to do.

Everything is going as planned.

Because there is such division at this time, and so much ancestral, and this world, wounding, it is causing millions a day to question why…You all are waking up at a rapidity that astonishes us. Your resilience continues to weave that cocoon of golden light around your planet, that even we, can see why you love it so much.

Every time we watch you sigh at a sunset, or dip your feet in a cold, running stream, we are jealous, and yet, at the same time happy, because, we feel you.

And then, BOOM, y’all, bless your hearts, (this time we sincerely mean it!), you get hit with the reality of a pandemic.

You can’t rely, truly, on any news sources, because they are so biased.

And so the fear rises, in some. (#justaslightnotch)

For those who are in fear, do what you need to do to alleviate that fear. If it is stocking up on toilet paper, and rice and beans, then DO IT!! If it is to have plans to self-isolate, and having enough food (and toilet paper!!!), and supplies for HOWEVER LONG you decide to self isolate, then DO IT!!! What’s the worst thing that could happen – you get a SHIT TON of meditation time, creative time, quiet time, thinking time…and is that such a bad thing?

For those of you who shame ANYBODY for doing what they need to do to stay out of fear – STOP IT!!! You all have so many lifetimes, plus ancestral wounding. BE COMPASSIONATE!!!



May you walk together as one, we know you are doing it….we are watching and cheering from the sidelines, and giving you as many signs as we can, but, you must ask….remember, we are always with you.

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