Esperanza – Hope

Esperanza - 60 x 48
Esperanza – Hope

I know… I am remiss at doing a regular blog.   I “should” be more regular, but I’m not.   But, I’ve been busy…Busy painting.  And visiting Taos. And, you know, just figuring out who the heck I am supposed to be when I grow up.  Just minor stuff.  LOL…

The trip to France changed my life in ways I never thought it would.  I’m sure I have mentioned – at least a million times – that I am on a spiritual journey. For me, it makes life just a magical fairytale land.

One of the days I was there, I went to a market in a town named Esperanza – which means Hope.  It “felt” like Taos, or Eureka Springs.  A town of “hippies” the locals say.   Just my kind of town.  As I walked through all of the stand I could smell incense, there were Tarot cards for sale, a gorgeous fairy costume, a Pan playing the flute, and crystals.  Mmmmmm, the crystals.

A rose quartz called to me – “buy me” she said.   (always catches me off guard when trees and rocks talk to me).  But, I don’t have very much money.  “You have plenty”…she replied.  Sure enough…she was 20 euros.  The exact amount in my pocket.   Dang…how did she know?

So, I bought her.   She fit perfectly in my hand.  I needed the meditation and quiet that she offered me while I rubbed on her.  And the dreams started.  The dreams about all of the beings that I had felt around me for quite some time.  And I started sketching.  Beings…with wings.   They woke me up at night requesting that I sketch.   They wouldn’t let me sleep until I did so.

And when I got back to Eureka Springs….at a flea market….was the very being I had sketched while I was there….with the word “Imagine” above her head. My favorite song ever.  She was bringing me messages over here also.   Okay, beautiful being full of love…  I will paint you.   Obviously, you want to channel through me for some reason.   For love, for healing, for Hope…

Her message to me….   “I am here for Hope – hope for peace, hope for love, hope for your children, hope for healing….  Hope. I am always here with you.   Always believe.  Always. Always believe in the magic – and you will always be magical!”

This was the first being….there are many in the wings…so to speak…  patiently waiting to be painted, to be channelled through me.   They all have specific people they are meant for.  I finally feel that I am painting what I was always meant to paint.

It takes courage to do this, to admit this, to “come out” and tell the world and collectors that these energy/love beings talk to me….but, there you have it.

I told you I live in a magical fairytale land….


Much love to all..




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