Giving people (and plants) a chance

missouriprimroseOnce again, I learned a very valuable lesson from my very wild flower garden.   I noticed something a few weeks ago that appeared to be a weed.  But, I decided to take a chance and let it grow.  After all, if it turned out, indeed, to be a weed, then I had the opportunity to pull it….and keep my wildflower garden beautiful.

Turns out….it morphed.  It morphed much like people do.  It turned into this beautiful yellow flower that blooms every morning, giving me a sunny happy flower to look at while I drink my coffee, watching the sun appear in the eastern sky and listening to the sounds of night becoming day.

AND, of course, my inner AHA light bulb went on!!!!

What if people are like that?   What if they start out looking like weeds, and you tend to them, from a distance, allowing them to grow into the beautiful beings that they are meant to be?  What if you gave someone you thought was a “weed” a second chance?  What IF?!!!

What if you saw their potential and loved them (from a distance at first), as you watch them blossom.  Giving them love (i.e. water etc etc), as they reach their beauty?

I know I sound like a Pollyanna so very often, but I believe that nature imitates life and that we can learn lessons from our observations about nature.

Today….I’m asking that you give someone a second chance….a second chance to become the exquisite flower that they are meant to be.  They may be a weed in some one else’s garden, but to you, they are beautiful.

I promise you, when you start to see the beauty in others, you will see more beauty in yourself.

Give a weed a chance and allow it to become who it is.

One that delights you while you drink your coffee as the night becomes the day.

I know I don’t regret my decision to give this beauty a chance…



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  1. Such lovely words… and what a beautiful flower! I have someone in my life this applies to and am seeing their transformation now. She is wonderful and learning now of her gifts and value. It is just incredible to watch!

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