walkingintothelight…..can be painful.  Or, you can choose to ease into it and allow it to happen knowing that something good is going to come out of “trying” times.   One thing I have learned for SURE, is that no one has MY answers.   NO ONE!!!   And, I’ve been one of those seekers for quite a while.  I’ve looked high and low, gotten readings, (shit tons), cried and called friends, AND played the “poor me” game.  With disastrous results.   I looked for confirmation that my life sucked.   I loved playing the victim.  AND, loved (still kinda do) being a drama queen.   (After all, SOME of us have to provide the spice – but it’s different now….).

Let me digress a bit….I have had mentors and gurus that I have put on pedestals.  And, they have all fallen.  And why?  Because they are human.   We are all here playing this human game.   BUT, we are spiritual beings….who are seeking answers as to why.  Why are we here?

I’ve listened to what others thought I “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing.   I changed what I loved to paint, because I listened to what others thought of my paintings.   Rather than listening to my own knowing, my gut, my intuition.   I put them before me.  I put what they thought before what I KNEW.  I believed that someone else had MY answers.

BUT NO ONE DOES!   NO ONE!   Don’t let anyone try to persuade you to follow their path, or what works for them.   Because what works for them, may feel totally wrong for you and for your path.  There are about a kazillion ways to enlightenment.

Take time to listen to yourself.  Take time to go inside and face your demons.  (I promise you, they are all just dust in the wind).  Take time to be quiet.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  You will find that you are beautiful.  You will find that you are unique.  You will find YOUR answers…and you will find love.  Pure love.

The one thing I know for certain, is that I’m grateful.   I am grateful for those who have held space for me, without telling me how to be.   For those who have really seen me and allowed me to find my answers on my own. (and have continued to hold space for me, even though I looked like I would NEVER get there!)  For those who have bitten their tongue when I was making “mistakes”, allowing me to empower myself.  Because, now, I am able to pay it forward because of them.   And, that is truly the way it works.  It’s so. Damn. Magical.

We are all just walking each other home.

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