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breathinherwings…..when you feel like you are being guided to paint something that is almost unexplainable even to you?   How do you translate that to canvas?  And, how do you explain it to those who are asking for an explanation?

I started painting “beings” a year or so ago….but, they were unfinished.  Kinda raw and tattered.   Then, I started sculpting these very beings…more solid…and they were good, but not great.

I received advice a long time ago from an incredibly successful and talented artist (bear with me, this is actually going somewhere!).  He told me to NEVER get into a situation where you a pigeon-holed.  He said, “Paula, it will stifle your creativeness!”.

I’m one who believes that everyone, and everything is connected in some way….and that the messages you are to receive come in…..IF we are willing to listen, receive, AND are ready for them.   It’s a message that has stuck with me for years.

I’ve followed my muse down numerous worm-holes in my painting career.   Landscapes, animals, still lifes, abstracts, and abstracted figures.   I’ve always been lucky in that, most of what I create sells.  I’ve tried to paint in a similar style as other “successful” artists, only to find that, because I wasn’t being authentic to me, those were and are frequently the last to sell…or the last paintings that anyone likes.   BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T ME!    I was painting just to be painting.   HOWEVER, that being said….they (all of my styles…lol) have been essential to my growth and depth as an artist.

I’ve covered miles and miles and frickin’ miles of canvas.

AND, I’ve also done a lot of internal work.  You know, the kind that we fill our lives up with shit because we don’t want to deal with, kind of work.   The kind that, when we actually take the time to really (and I’m not talking about pussy-footing around with) examine, and look at with all the love and compassion for ourselves that we have for our family and friends, it really isn’t quite as big of a deal as we thought it was.   BUT, it takes commitment, honesty, lots of quiet time and a boat load of courage to do.



Mostly about love.  Self-love.  Honoring my own path.   Seeing my own brilliance.   Knowing that I am whole and DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK OUTSIDE OF MYSELF TO FIND!

I know it sounds selfish….but it’s not.  Remember one of the things that Jesus said was to love one another as we love ourselves.   I think that is the key.  AS WE LOVE OURSELVES.  Self-love…the most important lesson of all.  Being true to who we are.   IT IS SO IMPORTANT to healing to world.

So, I have decided that I am listening to what the “muse” is pulling through me to paint.   In my style.  With all of my imperfections….to do my part by being authentic to who I am.  Will I always paint these beings?   I don’t know.  But, what I do know, is that I always have to be true to me.

Whatever that looks like.

Love ya


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