How many of you (like me) run?

….from facing your fears….and from facing yourself?  I know I do.  What is it that you do??

This is one of the things I do…I buy houses.  About every two years, I get the itch to change residences.  But, this home here in Bella Vista, Arkansas…is different.  I’m putting down roots. Literally and figuratively.  I’m fixing, remodeling, and planting.  Making Noelle (I know, I ALWAYS name my homes and cars!), the piece of art that she is.  And, in the process, working on myself.

Opening up walls        letting the light in

A friend (who is a realtor), used to ask me, “I know you love fixing up homes, but, what exactly are you running from?”

Mike Drop.

A few months of being a tad pissed off.

Which always seems to happen when someone asks you the hard question when you don’t want to face YOUR truth.

Today – after a night of sleeping on the bathroom floor because of a bad case of the flu – I have had the time (Thank you GUS), to reflect more on my patterns and reluctance to look at them.

Moving takes time and energy.  Granted, it is something that I LOVE doing, but, it is multi-layered.  As is everything that happens on this earthly plain.  Time and energy that I told myself was my passion…and it really was…and still is…but, it goes deeper.

A Cancer’s home is their sanctuary.  I made a lot of sanctuaries, and never took the time to enjoy them.  To just take time to be, and look deeper within.


To work on the hard stuff.

It’s amazing what is coming up.

I tend to be a bit flighty – it’s hard for me to buckle down – but, when I do – good things always happen.  When I do the “work” and face my fears, they seem to become smaller…I write about this a lot…but, I think it is important to always uncover more layers…Just like the demon (read about my big AHA here!)…chasing you…only to find out it was/is a chihuahua.

So, if you feel comfortable sharing – what is it that YOU do?

We really are walking together as one people.

We are more alike than we are different.



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  1. Like moving every 2 years … I used to do that too … a lot .. in my 20’s especially. My friends used to joke and say ” well it must be Spring, Lynn’s moving again!” .. and it was true. Instead of staying where I was and facing shit .. I felt always felt the move to a new place, new surroundings, new beginnings would be the best solution for me. Get me out of my current head space. Now, in my 60’s .. I get ‘busy’ with ‘keeping busy’ …. as an excuse to myself, telling myself I don’t have the time to stop and contemplate .. face the issues .. and just be in the moment!! I’m trying to ‘feel’ that now when I do it and just take a breath, drop my shoulders and relax!!

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