It’s been a rough FREAKIN’ year!!!

For most of us.

It’s been a year of ups and downs.  Ins and outs.  Very high high’s and very low lows.

But, it’s been good, and I am grateful.

For every very tough day, it seems I have a huge breakthrough.

Tell me, you too???

Let me tell you the messages I keep getting from GUS….We chose this.  We chose to live this amazing human life.  We are the cream of the crop peeps.  Not only did we choose to play this incredible end game called Earth, but we chose to BE CONSCIOUS.  We chose to light the world up.

However, this end game (for the cream of the crop….kinda like that they keep calling us that), has a BIG FRICKIN boss to fight at the end.  And truthfully, the big boss is us.  It’s ourselves.  It’s those inner demons that keep rearing their ugly, but needed heads that continually ask us if we are ready.  The tests come at a rapidity that we are not used to.

But, it’s end game time.  GUS wants to know that we are really and truly ready.  So the lessons keep coming, because we said we were ready, willing and able to change consciousness on Earth.  Some of us said, “Bring it on!”, and our lessons tend to be a bit more challenging, because, well, when we say bring it on, GUS delivers.

Right now, for every hard challenge, the signs keep showing up to let us know that we are supposed to be doing what we are doing.  And, when they don’t, all you have to do is ask…they are there, just waiting to help.  Sometimes, in the most peculiar ways.

For example, yesterday, I found out I had “lyme disease”, and decided to post it on Facebook….the very first comment was a powerful message for me.  A friend recommended that I check out the Medical Medium’s podcast on Lyme disease….  And Holy shit batman, there it was.  A message I had been intuiting would come sooner or later.  It’s time to start taking care of me.  My whole being.  Mind Body Spirit.

This year, my soul has not been into creating as much as it has in the past.  And still, I pushed through, because, that is what I am “supposed” to do?  Right???


I started sculpting my angels, and I absolutely love creating them, but, sometime between going to Dallas Market, and Vegas Market, something shifted.  I stopped creating, and started “producing”.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  I got sick, really sick, and continued to push through it….I was exhausted, moody, and crying a lot.  I wasn’t having fun.

There is such a difference between creating for the sheer joy of the creative process, and producing because you need/want to make money.  Feel into it.  Totally different intention.

So, the aha came.  The reason why I’m feeling so crappy…it’s so multi-layered, that I can’t explain it all, but, one of the biggest reasons was to clear out more of the blockages and old patterning.  To get me more ready…more committed…more sure about my path….the path I chose.

As well as so many of us….

And, that is why I share some of my vulnerabilities, so that you don’t feel alone.

It’s the end game, and we are fighting the BIG BOSS….but, we are doing it together.

May We Walk Together As One.



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