Human-ing (It’s a word, in my dictionary!)

Bottom Line…Love (10 x 10)Some days are just challenging…humaning (the act of being human) comes up and lessons present themselves.  I have a shit ton of tools in my magic kit now, and it seems that my bag still requires refreshing and rebooting at times. (Kinda like cleaning out your purse after weeks of stuffing things in it!)

I think when an obstacle (lesson) comes up, we tend to think that we “should” (four letter word to me!) be able to handle it ourselves.  Without talking about it.  And somehow, some of us tend to beat ourselves up when we can’t find our answers, the lesson, or a way to work through it on our own.

IF we indeed are all one – doesn’t it seem right to you that reaching out to those who can see your forest for the trees might just be able to share what they see?

Talking through lessons helps me.  As does writing.  I suppose that the writing and talking comes through after internal processing….

Here is why this is coming up for me….

As some of you know, I am in Taos.   I’ve done a lot of inner work lately, and the Mountain is my sacred place…the place I come to to recenter and reground.  My paintings are deeper, and more full of messages.  They have changed a bit, and, as is true any time I morph, (even though I know it is the direction that I am being guided), I have a period of euphoria, followed by a “WTF am I doing” moment.  Then, I generally level out.

This time, however, seems to be a bit more challenging, as I think I am getting closer to my essence.  And, as is true with all journey’s, the deeper you go, the more challenges will be offered, until….at last….you come to THAT place of knowing.

But, do we ever truly get to that place of BEING?

Or is life always a series of peaks, valleys and smooth sailing?

Is it just how we navigate back to our place of BEING?

Random-ish thoughts this morning.

May We walk together as one.




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  1. I’ve had this convo before, and it’s extremely valid for where our paths are leading us. It helps immensely to take my focus off the “destination of Being” to the “Being now.” No illuminated being stops learning, the navigation is the key…You’re doing fine, keep going, have faith, trust those guides!!! What’s the alternative?

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