I Choose….LOVE.

ichooseloveIt seems so often that we are all asked to be the same.   Oh sure, “they” tell you that being different is great, but, then you go to school and conformity is the name of the game.  At least where I grew up.  Maybe those were restrictions that I put on myself – but I have always felt as though I “shouldn’t” rock the boat.

My biggest fear has always been that people wouldn’t like me.  I would do this or that to try to please people, and all I ended up getting was frustrated.

Because I wasn’t being me.

For the first time in my life, I have finally given myself permission to totally wave my “I’m really different” flag.

I’m an artist.

And a writer.

Two things I never dreamed of, nor did I desire to be.

They both found me.

And because they found me rather than me looking for them, I know that they are gifts.  I know I am supposed to do something with those gifts.

I’ve written about being true to who you are before, and as you know, lessons get deeper and more meaningful the more you follow your path.

I know that I am supposed to paint these beings that come to me in visions and dreams, and share their messages, and it scares the shit outta me.

It scares the shit outta me, because that means being authentic to who I am, and risk not being liked and/or criticized.

I keep going back to painting cows (which I still love to do), but I know that is not my calling.

And these beings that I have been painting lately take longer to do….the messages are deeper….the paintings are more layered, and I find I have to be quieter.   And listen carefully.  Get my head out of the way (which, as most of you know is extremely hard to do!).

Take a deep breath and trust that I can be a clear channel for the message that is coming through me.

There, I said it.  Lightening didn’t come and strike me down.  I risked being vulnerable and it didn’t hurt. (But of course, I haven’t posted it yet!!! However, just writing it down, makes me feel better.)

Painting and writing is like breathing to me.   I can’t not do it.   It’s irrelevant whether or not my paintings sell, what IS important to me is that I am doing what my soul is asking, no….begging me to do.

What I know I came here this lifetime to do.

I’m just supposed to be me.  Which means being a quirky, funky artist and writer, who believes in magic, and one person’s ability to change the world.  A Pollyanna or a Dorothy.

It’s why we are all here.   To be who we are….flaws, imperfections and all.

Love one another, as you love yourself…..   famous words from a pretty dang famous guy. 

As you love yourself.  Flaws, imperfections, quirkiness and all.

Wave your “I’m different and here to make a difference” flag…You never know who’s life you may change.

Much love




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