I know I have said this before….

  We ARE light.

….but, I still believe (because I am a Pollyanna – hey it’s my job!!) that LOVE is the answer.

Yesterday was an “interesting” day.  Emotions ran high.  I had friends who were in tears, angry, in disbelief, shocked and numb about our latest election results. And sad.  An overwhelming sadness.  How could we elect a president who incites such hate and fear in so many of us?

I wish that I could say that I didn’t see it coming.  But, I did.  As soon as I heard that he was running for president.

He was and is the debrider of our collective wounds in our society.  He pulled out all of the bad stuff that has been festering inside for generations.  If we didn’t have issues that need to be healed, he would not have been able to incite such anger, hatred and fear.

Does he scare me?  Hell yes, he does!!!!  He has brought out our collective darkness.  He has made it ok to pull a hijab off of a Muslim woman in Walmart screaming at her that “THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY MORE IN OUR COUNTRY!”  He has made it ok for four white racist males to jump out of their car while a black woman is pumping gas to say to her how glad they won’t have to deal with niggers much longer and ask her “how scared are you, you black bitch.  I should just kill you right now, you’re a waste of air.”  He has made it ok to degrade women.  Blacks.  Hispanics.  Muslims.  Handicapped people.  Anyone that doesn’t agree with him, or questions his sanity….

So why, is he such a bully? My personal belief is that he WAS bullied.  He was damaged as a child.  He acts from his wounding.  He reacts rather than responds.  The scary part, is that this ego driven bully now holds the most visible office in this world.

But, this strange calmness overtook me.

Very odd reaction for someone who is generally a drama queen.

I felt myself center and ground.  Down to the core of Mother Earth and way up into the heavens.  I gathered all of my tools that I have been given on this spiritual journey.

“THIS is what you have been preparing for for the past several years.  Now is truly the time to walk your talk.  Are you going to give into the fear, anger and hatred????  OR, are you going to BE LOVE?”


He is here for a reason.  To bring out the darkness.  That’s the only way to “light” it.  It’s out in the open now. No denying that it exists.

I know that we all need to take the time to grieve in our own way.  Get the anger, fear and frustration out.  Cry, scream, throw eggs at a tree (this one is particularly fun!!), rant and rave.

AND THEN, when it’s all out….pull on your big girl (or boy) panties…and do what you came here to do spiritual warriors.  All of you who came here to BE LOVE….



Stand up for the Muslim woman in Walmart.  The black woman at the gas station.  Teach your sons that it is not ok to treat women like he does.  Tell your daughters that it is not OK to be treated like that.

The dark had/has to show it’s face.

Believe it or not, I have great compassion for this man.  In the words of a great man – “Father, forgive him for he knows not what he does.”  He reacts out of his wounding.  Doesn’t excuse it, but that is where it comes from.

And so Warrior Goddesses (and Gods) of Light – BE LOVE.  Walk your talk.  Shine your light into the dark places.  This is why we are here.


Show compassion, love and kindness.  Know that the people that are following him ALSO have their wounding and triggers.

It’s not easy all of the time, but the more you practice it, the more it become habit.  We are human, after all.

He may have won the battle, but we will win the war.

May we walk together as one.



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