I’m just not sure how….

Rise....It's Time (40 x 40)
Rise…It’s Time

….to start this one.  I’ve been given so many “learning opportunities” throughout this whole move.  Any one of which would have thrown me for a loop if encountered individually…and they all have come within a few days of one another.

I’ll not bore you with all of the “lessons”, because, for the most part, they are kinda boring to one who hasn’t been in the middle of them, and quite frankly, I think so many are having the same learning opportunities, they may be taking different shapes, but they all pretty much boil down to one thing.

Love yourself.

Pretty much.

That’s it in a nutshell.

I had one that was so big tho, and such amazing AHA moments that I have to share.

I have watched a person over the past year and a half grow so rapidly, that it has been amazing, and yet, scary.  To be given (or taking) so much responsibility for how others think and feel about themselves (I know, no one has control over how you feel about yourself, but this person is in SUCH a position of power, many believe their word as gospel), comes with a great price.

There was an incident, not unusual for this person, similar to an incident that I went through.  I made a couple of generic comments, which did not go unnoticed by this person.   I received an email addressing my participation.  Filled with apologies, AND filled with reprimands.

This email came after I was contacted by several people who shared with me what their experience had been with this person, and wondering what exactly the lesson was (or as I prefer to call them – learning opportunities), for all of us in this.

And, it made me think….and ponder….a lot.

Two of the AHA’s were obvious, I think many of us had come to the conclusion that that was how not to be.  The second was not to give our power away to ANYONE!

Third was that, (and this is pretty transparent on my part)  I DID participate in some of the icky stuff, and for that “I” am heartily sorry.  I don’t need to tear another down to be the best person that I can be.  In fact, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that I don’t care to participate in this any longer.  If at any point in time, I don’t like how I feel about how I “react”, I have the power to change that.

And yet a fourth even deeper layer – I found I had compassion for this person.  A lot of compassion. That feeling of compassion caught me off guard.  None of us know what anyone is going through to make them respond and react to certain situations.   That doesn’t excuse their behavior or what their responsibility is for doing what they do, because they have a choice, BUT/AND, “I” can choose not to, or to participate in any of this.

Another layer still is that, I can see so many connections and how important they all are.  This person chose to come into this life with some hard lessons.  MY lesson, and others’ lessons, are to learn to detach, realize it is their (this person’s) lesson, and not to participate…which circles back around to not giving our power away.

And – SHE was born…RISE….it’s time.  She gave me her name and her message is much what I just wrote about.  Rise above, don’t create karma, love yourself, and change the world.


The END.

Much love,


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  1. Wow… what a powerful lesson! A couple of years ago a spiritual advisor I knew suggested it was time for me to take a leadership role with my family.
    This simple suggestion has transformed me. I realize now I had in some ways been the silent victim waiting to be acknowledged. I became the leader in MY life, no longer a victim, claiming my own power.
    Here is to love… there are no victims in love!

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