Is the Light Getting Brighter?

Or is it just me?  I can’t decide, so I am relying on all of you to tell me how YOU feel about it….  I know that being in the pitch black for a few days, that any amount of illumination is so very welcomed and appreciated.   Perhaps, that is one of the main reasons FOR our darkness.

I’m so very fortunate to paint, create and tap into the energies of the collective and pull out messages that we all seem to need right now.   I know that they all aren’t meant for each and every one of you all of the time….and perhaps at times I may ruffle some feathers (actually, I KNOW at times I ruffle feathers – because of some of the behind the scene comments I receive), but, trust me, my feathers have been ruffled a time or two, but, I believe that the most growth we have comes from being ruffled.

Last year and the first couple weeks of this year have been brutal for so many of us.  We have been challenged and asked to shed so much….and so many of us have been doing it kicking and screaming all the way!!!   And yet, there have been major breakthroughs for so many…..after a lot of hand-holding, crying, and “why me?” questions….

As many of you know, don’t know, don’t care, or haven’t heard yet….I went through my first ever panic attack.  Lord Gawd….I had to surrender so much control….and do the only thing I know how to do to recenter and reground….and that was to try and paint.  From the Ashes came….and then these sassy pants women….a bit (OK – a ton) of attitude, strong, powerful and yet, compassionate and authentic.  In other words, unapologetically who they are.   They don’t give a rat’s ass how others tell them it “should” be done…they are going to do it the way that their intuition guides them to do it.

No more trying to be like someone else.  Or how someone tells them they “should” be.

I love how healing my art has been for me through all of this.

I love how most of my friends knew exactly what to do.

I love how I learned so much about me and what makes me tick.

I love how much more compassion I feel for so many more than I did before (trust me, I was judgy about this – thinking it should be a piece of cake to work through a panic attack – dayum Gina – no freaking way!!!)

I LOVE these Sassy Pants!!!

So, is the light getting brighter, or is it just me after being in the icky darkness for a while?

May We Walk Together as One

Blessings y’all




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