It’s a blankie fort day

One of “those” days that we all dread, that come on with no warning, that stop you in your tracks. One of “those” days, that you KNOW something good will come out of it, IF, you can just remember that it all happens for a reason…and IF you can remember you have your tools in your tool box!!

It’s one of “those” days that you question EVERYTHING. Why you did it this way. Or that way. Or you did nothing. Or you did everything.

It’s one of “those” days where all you want to do is hide, and not talk to anyone. Because you are afraid that you might say something you might regret. Or not say something.

Hells Bells.

I had an awesome – like off the charts – couple of days prior to this. Those days where you feel like you are in the flow. You can see your path clearly. You can feel your purpose. You know that how you handled certain challenges EXACTLY the way you were “supposed” to.

And then it comes.

Someone makes a comment, questioning you, or tells you what you “should” be doing rather than what you ARE doing and the spiral starts. You (I am in this group) people -pleasers are especially prone to this.

You allow it to wash over you.

You sit with it.

You make the conscious decision to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Or paint. Or cook. Or walk. Or meditate. Anything to keep the demon away.

What was the trigger? Why does it affect you? What can YOU do to be a better you?

And, you look that demon in the eye. It stands strong. But, you are stronger. (Trust me, I’ve stared a LOT down the past few weeks!)

You are human. You did NOT come here to be perfect. You came here to learn. You came here to grow. You came to help the collective.

Allow yourself the grace that you would allow your children. Your friends. Your family. Talk with yourself the way a lover would.

I spoke with a wise woman this morning and she reminded me that JUST YESTERDAY I wrote about this….” there are still curve balls being thrown at us as our light increases, and the dark forces become aware of our power. Please know that if you are getting the attention of those forces, that you indeed DO posses much strength. The strength and the wisdom to change the world. NO PRESSURE.”

Well, there ya have it.

I wrote the answer to my day today, yesterday.

However, if you need me today, I’ve had so much fun playing blankie fort….that I think I will continue. Or paint. Or cook.

One demon down. I’m sure a few more to go.

May We Walk Together as One.

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