Love is all there is

Angel of Love
Angel of Love

And Forgiveness.  Love and Forgiveness.   It sounds so simple and simplistic…and yet, the most complicated thing in the world.   I state frequently, (so often that those who are close to me probably get tired of hearing it) that I am a Pollyanna, a Dorothy from Kansas, a Forest Gump, and I BELIEVE at my very core that love will heal the world.   Love and Forgiveness.  I don’t just believe it….I KNOW it.   It really doesn’t sound like I know how the world works….but I do.   It makes me sound naive, but I’m not.   What I KNOW is that it isn’t working the way that it is.

It’s time for change.   The way things are now, we are a nation of hatred, and judgement, and war – which only breeds more of the same.   Where has that gotten us?  We become more about control, and hatred.   What if, just what if, we were to become a nation, a planet of love and compassion?   Tolerance, and forgiveness?  What if we were able to live and let live?   What if we were so at peace with ourselves and loved ourselves so much that we no longer felt the need to say to others, “MY way is the ONLY way”?

It starts in our own backyard….it starts with us.   It starts with me….and with you.    Do the work on yourself, release all the hatred, and judgement that you have against yourself.   Forgive yourself. …… yourself.   When that happens, you are able to release the hatred and judgement you have against others.   It snowballs.   It becomes the path of truth and light, and love and peace.

I’m not saying it is easy….quite the contrary….it’s difficult to look at oneself, and much easier to point fingers and blame others…but I promise you, when and IF you are able to do this, you will feel a shift….you will feel a shift towards love.

Because so many of us right now believe in the power of love at our very core, we share it.   And because we share it…..others will believe it…


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