What if Mermaids ARE real?

What if Mermaids ARE Real?
What if Mermaids ARE Real?

And, fairies, and elves, and leprechauns (I know one), and angels and, and, and, and….   You get the picture.   What if we really CAN talk to the animals?   And trees, and rocks, and, and, and…What a magical world we WOULD live in.   What a magical world we LIVE in.

Everyone has a different reality.   Fill a glass partially full with water and you can get numerous answers when you ask the question.   Half-Full, some would say.  Half-Empty, a few more.  Completely Full – I would say – half with water and half with air.   Some would prefer it to be Scotch – neat – rather than water….but, you get the picture.   Same glass, same amount of water numerous different realities.   So what IS reality?  I’ve had people say to me, “but this IS reality!”   Yes, I will agree that it is THEIR reality.  And MY reality is MY reality.

I prefer to think that the world is magical….that if we just open our hearts, and our minds to the possibilities that anything will happen.  That if you truly believe that you can be a successful artist, musician, etc etc etc (you fill in YOUR blank) that you WILL be.

At one point in time, we couldn’t see ourselves having light, or phones, or cell phones, or planes….and yet, someone dreamed those possibilities. AND created them.

Creatives – all creatives – change the world.   It’s a fact.   It may not be a part of your reality, but it is a part of ours…..   We are the dreamers, the ones with our heads in the clouds, the ones who can’t pass by a butterfly on a branch without getting excited.

And so, I say to you again….What if Mermaids ARE real?  What a wonderful world.

Whisperings….of love.


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