Never Underestimate the power of Laughter…and a Best Friend.

Love, Always
Love, Always

Never….Ever….underestimate the power of laughter, a best friend, and joy.   Never.   One of my very best friends came to see me this past week.   Well, not JUST to see me, but, I like to think it’s all about me.   Cuz, ultimately, this is MY dream, MY movie, and everyone plays a supporting role!!   LOL….

Anyway…I have been in fear a lot lately…  Am I making the right decisions?  Should I have?  Or shouldn’t I?   Spending waaaaayyy too much time in my head, and not enough time in my heart.   And, then, in she walks.   To remind me….life is about joy, about laughter, about being a goof ball….about being me.

It’s about not stressing too much about my decisions, but to know that they are the right decisions FOR ME right now.   And, in a year or two, if I decide that I don’t like my decisions, it will be MY DECISION, to create a whole new reality.   Because it is my dream, my movie, my life.   And my job here, is to be me.

And so, she reminded me….to be me.   To laugh, to smile, to bring in my light.   And I did….with her….she held my hand, she held my heart…she held me.   We were twin goof balls.  We were twin lighthouses.  We laughed at our corny jokes that only we can understand, and others just shake their head at.   But, everywhere we went….we carried light….and love.

Thank you Joanie….  Once again, you came just when I needed you.   You see me.   And helped me see me.   I love you….



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