Nothing else mattered, but LOVE


This is gonna trigger some people….Just a warning up front.

I’ve always had a problem with exclusion. Being raised Catholic, I was always questioning all of the “rules”. I think the nuns were frequently frustrated with me. We were taught that we were the only religion that was allowed into heaven. For a while, I remember walking around with a puffed chest believing that I was superior and chosen.

Until, I became friends with “protestants”.

What made my religion so superior that I got to go to heaven, and they didn’t? And, then there was the caveat that we not only had to be Catholic to gain admittance to the elusive place, but we had to be GOOD, and go to confession, yada yada yada.

Black and white.

Absolutely no gray.

No wiggle room.

My friends didn’t get to go to heaven. Instead, they had to go to purgatory and wait until Jesus came again.

But why?



Holier than thou.

Fear programming. BIG TIME.

So much judgement.

So many wars fought in the name of “religion”.

I left organized religion and went on a journey to find MY answers.

I became what is known as a seeker. I studied it all.

The commonality I found was one thing….LOVE. Love of self first of all….which to some of you may seem selfish, but one of Jesus’ commandments was “Love one another, AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.”

I had many many many mystical experiences that I was not able to explain, but, every single one of them allowed me insight to the unseen, to the divinity inside all of us. I could see that we were and are one.

Recently I’ve gotten back into my meditation practice which has grown me even more than before. I see our tapestry, the meaning of life so much clearer.

I believe we are here to include all. No division. No holier than thou. No “my religion allows me entrance into heaven, and because you are a heathen, etc etc, you don’t get to go.”

It’s time to put aside our judgement.

For years I have made a conscious effort to include everyone….. I refer to the higher power that I believe in as GUS – God, Universe, Spirit – so as not to exclude anyone. I also sign a large portion of my posts with “May We Walk Together As One.” Because we ARE!!!

Times are so incredibly tumultuous right now, that we need to come together. REGARDLESS of our beliefs. It’s utterly ridiculous to me to say to others, “You don’t believe as I do, so you can’t be apart of this monumental shift in humanity.”

It takes all of us to fight the evil that is presently in our world.

This is MY truth. Not “THE truth.” I don’t think any of us truly know what “THE truth” is. Again, MY truth.

Obviously, there was a strong trigger prior to me upping my “inclusion” game.

For about three months, I was in a relationship where nothing mattered but LOVE, until that shifted. My spirituality is who I am. It’s my essence. I can’t be someone I’m not. I was up front from the very beginning even though there were moments that I was sure he would call it quits knowing how I believed. And, then he realized I couldn’t be someone that I’m not.

And, love took a backseat. Programming took over.

Such a painful situation.

With no solution.

I would never ask him to change his beliefs for me, and, I cannot change my essence.

And I honor our soul contract. Clearly, it was another intuition lesson (omg….they can stop at any moment), but, it also made me highly aware that one of my messages to share is about inclusion. Division is killing us. I’m more determined than even to share what I have learned and experienced. I’ll always love him. He finally convinced me that I am beautiful. Worthy. Desirable. Invincible. We would spend hours and hours laughing about….well….mostly….his dorkiness. We worked well together in the kitchen, except for his ocd ness of putting things away before I’m finished with them.

Very grateful for such a beautiful lesson with such a beautiful soul.

But, for me….

Nothing Else Matters, But Love…..And even though that wasn’t enough for our relationship, it is MY truth.

May We Walk Together As One,


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  1. I love you woman! I struggle daily to walk and talk my truth. I love GUS that’s clever. I too am walking my path solo yet with the humans that share and for maybe a brief moment or maybe years we support each other but I always know at this point in my journey it’s all about me my truth my life my reality nothing else exists without me…xxxxx shine on angel

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