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I’ve been really afraid…

ahigherpower…..to be who I am for the majority of my life, because I’ve always worried about what other people thought.   Okay, not totally true, because I remember as a small child being happy being outside in my Grandparents magical cedar forest complete with fairies, and leprechauns, and such – I kid you not!!!  I didn’t care what ANYONE thought then!!!

And, I’m finally getting back to that place again.

I’m a visionary artist.  At first, I really tried to “fit in”, (just like I used to want to “fit in” constantly in junior high, high school, college, marriage…yada, yada, yada!), and paint more traditional subjects…..and I did, but, I never really felt like me.

It’s been a journey.

When I first started painting “beings”, I only shared them with people I knew would “get it”.  I slowly started sharing them with others.

Then, the messages started.

And, “I” went on an adventure in Chloe (Fifth-Wheel).

One thing I learned while on my adventure is that I need to be true to me.  Me, and only me.   I’m the only one that I have to “make” happy.   Me.  Everyone else is responsible for their own happiness.  I found that it was very important to me to be completely from my integrity.


I’m not a traditional artist.

At all.

That became VERY clear to me yesterday when I painted the painting above and then the message came through….on this the day of a bit of uncertainty…..

A Higher Power
Yesterday I was called to create…and this one has a strong message. 
Remember, when you go into fear, there is a higher power at work. 
The scales are being balanced. 
It is our job to hold the light.  
To remember that we are surrounded by angels.
To be love. 
To be that voice of reason. 
To be that voice of love. 
May we walk together as one.

I know that there are many of you who are afraid to be who you are also.   We’ve all been taught to “fit in”.  They tell us they want us to be individuals, and yet, when we non-conform, we are either made fun of or reprimanded.   It’s no wonder so many of us struggle with who we are.

I, for one, am finding that it is easier to just be who I am, rather than keep trying to fit into that square hole…

Here is my “I am” statement (the very, very short version)….

I am a visionary intuitive artist.  I receive messages about what to paint, sometimes, and, sometimes the paintings just flow with the messages revealed while the layers mingle.  I believe we were sent here to find our way back to love.  Acceptance.  Compassion.  I am a Pollyanna.  And, a channel, an empath, psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive woman who has been given the gifts of transparency, determination (Thanks, Mom!), and creativeness.  It is up to ME to utilize these gifts in the way that Earth Maker, God, Creator, Spirit, or whatever the heck you believe in….intended.  To do anything less would be a sin.

Now….who are you????

May we walk together as one.



Surveying her Domain

surveyingherdomainOccasionally I paint what I see happening in the future. Or what I want to see.

I have lived in the country for a large portion of my life, after feeling at one with the land while spending countless, fairy tale, summers at my grandparents farm. I would play for hours in the magical forest amongst the fairies and leprechauns. I was always up at the crack of dawn – conflicted between going out to the strawberry patch with my Grammie or out to feed cows with Grandad. It was my “somewhere over the rainbow”.

 An opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams to have my own little farm on a wee patch of land, with an orchard, garden, bees, views to die for, a huge workshop (think big ass studio!) and huge oak trees has presented itself to me. (maybe chickens, pigs, goats and a cow also…why limit oneself? Oooo and maybe a donkey…or not…or a horse…nah…not a horse….I don’t think…Or maybe.)   A lot of minor details (like the sale of my house, theirs not receiving another offer etc etc) have to come together. 

It’s already my home. I feel it. I know it somehow.

It has a Koi pond right outside of one of the doors.   Asparagus and strawberry patches. Garlic and onions already growing.   Spinach that comes up every year.  

Did I mention that it has a HUGE workshop…. Did I?!   OMG…. Seriously!!!  

And so I started painting, purposely, with a somewhat planned finish in mind.   What I didn’t realize, because I allow the painting to talk to me during the process, that it would become much more reflective.   It was definitely about surveying her domain…but it was so much deeper than that.   I realized why this piece of land means so much to me.   I shared why above. It takes me back to that time of comfort and peace. Where there were no decisions to make.

But, it so much deeper. Surveying her domain, is not about just looking at the land that is so sacred…it’s also about surveying my life.   My past, my present and my future.   Almost like watching my life flash before my eyes.   All of it.   Why things happened when they did. Why the people came into my life that did. And all of the connectedness that every single moment leading up to this space and time have been perfectly orchestrated to lead to THIS perfect moment in time.

I may get the farm…and I may not….but, right now, at this very moment…I feel it and I know it….and that, in and of itself…is perfection.

Let the games begin!


PS….I could use any positive energy sent in addition to mine to “make” this happen.

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