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I’m Coming Out…. Spiritually

….as a spiritual being having a human experience.  A lightworker Full-blown woo-woo.  Airy fairy. A spiritual warrior. A believer in metaphysics.  As one who believes that positive thinking and love can change the world.  Yup…there ya have it.   It’s my confession of the day.  Actually, it’s the confession of my life. It’s scary.  And exciting. … Continue Reading

The invisible Zen Garden

I am back….from two Sundances, an eye-opening Mixed – Media class taught by a fantastic artist – Joan Fullerton – and a frenzy of painting time for several commissions and shows.   Yahoo!!   I know you all have missed me!!  LOL!!! This morning, I was out in my wildflower garden, with all of the bees humming… Continue Reading

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