“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”…

Language of Love #32
Language of Love #32

..or, I prefer to believe that we live in the Magical Kingdom.    And that we create our own story.  And we have the leading ladies, men, supporting cast that we have all created.

I prefer to believe that everyone that is in my life has come in because of a soul agreement, and just because here in duality (on earth) they may be a poopy person and hard to deal with, we had an agreement to teach/learn a lesson. It is my job to look for the lesson – and learn it.  No more pointing fingers, no more blame.  No more excuses.

I prefer to believe that when a raven comes and sits next to me on a bench, that he has a message for me.   I prefer to believe that there are fairies, gnomes, and angels.   I prefer to believe that the trees, rocks, and earth is/are alive and that we are to treat all with respect.

I prefer to believe that we are all God – that we are all one – that we created this place called earth/Gaia – to learn how to love, and be at peace, and to feel compassion for all – above all to learn how to realize that WE ARE GOD…to forgive ourselves, and love ourselves above everything else.

I prefer to believe that the world is changing, that we will have no more wars, and that light will triumph over dark, that good will win out over evil, and finally, we will see the changes that we came here to create.

I am a Pollyanna.  It may seem that I have my head in the sand, and that I am delusional, but…..I’m not the only one.    I hope someday you will join us…..and the world will be as one.   (Thank you John Lennon.)



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