My “job” is the most important…

…to me.   It may not seem like the most important job to you, but it is my job, and it is important to me.   Let me explain further.   It may sound like I am coming from ego, but I am not.

Everyone that comes here on this planet has a job, much like everyone that works in, say, the shuttle factory, (yes, I am using the metaphor of the space shuttle – dang, Paula – where are you going with this one?).   Some are here to, for example, smile at the right person at the right time, or give someone a hug, or be the president of the United States.  Or, for that matter, create electricity, be an author, teacher, or an artist.  And so, compare that to being on the space shuttle factory line, some are here to hammer out the big pieces, make the comfy seats to sit in, or make the rivets that hold the shuttle together so that it doesn’t fall apart.   (okay, so it had to do with foam insulation – but do you get my point?)  No job is unimportant.   We are all links of a chain and intertwined so intricately that without one, the chain is weak.  I believe, that we all should appreciate the importance of OUR OWN individual job – We are the MOST important – to us first and then – to others.

So many times we undervalue who we are, what we are here to do, because we think “how could THAT be important”?   But, I challenge you to start changing the way you think to “Mine, is the most important job, because without me, the engine wouldn’t work, the chain would be weak, or the shuttle would fall apart!”

Love yourself – value what you are here to do – know that who you are is unique just to you, and important to Mother Earth.    No matter what “it” is, be the best “you” that you can be.

And so, when I say that my job is the most important… is not from ego, it is from my “knowing” that what I came here to “do” is part of an intricate web – a golden web where we are all connected.

And, it is my job to do my part to BE the part of the web, the link of the chain, that I came here to be.

It is important.  I am important.


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