I am an artist….


I am an artist.
I am here to paint.
I am here to share my soul.
It’s not something I planned, it’s just something that happened. In 2003, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time. No, that is not entirely true. I had painted walls, but never canvas. That was when my life, as I knew it, began to change. And change it has, which is an understatement.
As artists, no matter what medium, we are given a unique gift to allow people to be in touch with who they are…their inner child, so-to-speak. It is the same for the writer, musician, poet, chef, architect – any creator or performer. We connect as humans when someone pours their heart and soul into what they do…watching a musician sing what they believe in on stage, eating a delicious meal, seeing an exquisitely performed ballet, watching a sappy movie, or simply listening to someone laugh. We don’t know why some creations appeal to us, and some don’t, we just know that they do…..the soul factor.

I used to struggle with my style, thinking that it needed to be something that it wasn’t, but during this wonderful art journey, deciding and accepting that I am a student of life, I have discovered that it is best not to fight and fear, but to allow; to just be, quite simply, who I am. I am, basically, a farm girl from Kansas, who, although a bit naïve at times and not very worldly, feels compelled to share her soul with the world.

My father always told me to “Look at the donut, and not at the hole.” Now I understand what, in his infinite wisdom, his gift to me was and is. Life is for living, and not just living to exist. It is for celebrating, enjoying, laughing and learning. Think of the possibilities, the opportunities and the victories that are achieved by taking a risk. I have taken many risks over the past 3 years: getting a divorce, moving to Taos, NM, participating in Native American Sundance Ceremonies, studying the IChing and the Tao – opening myself up to possibilities that I never knew existed until now.

For a while I fought being an artist, telling everyone I couldn’t see myself painting for the rest of my life… Now, I know, I know who I am, I know why I am here. I am here to BE…to BE exactly who I am.  I am allowing life to unfold.  I am enjoying the journey.  I’m not saying “when I do, become, lose, etc.”  I am loving what is.  When you know that it is enough to “be” exactly who you are without needing recognition or approval, in spite of what others say or think about you, then you have truly “become.”

Enjoy what you do, and share it with enthusiasm.  And…you’ll never “work” a day in your life.

  • I am an artist.
  • I am here to paint.
  • I am here to share my soul.

Blessings to all of you on your journeys.

I remain, as always, ME.

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