Why are we here?


Exactly?  Why are we here?   I ask myself that question frequently.  And yet, when I take the time to be quiet and go within myself, the answer is obvious.   We are here to love, to be loved, to feel joy, to laugh, to forgive, to be compassionate, to be.  To love one another as ourselves.  To know that even though someone is a different color, religion, etc etc – we all still feel, we all still laugh, we all still love.   We are no different  –  we are all human.

I had a little angel come into my life last night to help bring home that point even further.  I was in Walmart buying batteries.  When I walked out I heard a little tinkle, tinkle down by my feet…. there she was.  Looking up at me with those big ole puppy dog eyes.  “Pick me up, please.”  She begged.  “I am so scared.”  Of course, being the animal person I am,  I complied with her wishes.  I went inside….  “Please announce her for me”.  Everyone was wonderful.  They all came to help.  This, was something important.   No one claimed her.   And so, she came home with me.  We ate chicken, and slept together.   Everytime I moved, she would raise her head and look at me.  “Thank you”.  No little one, thank you.  I was in love.

I called the radio station and asked them to please put her on there.  Within an hour someone called – “We looked for her all night.  She has a pink, camo collar, a bell, and a St. Francis of Assisi medal”.   Ah yes, St. Francis.  Led her to me last night.  Because she was protected by St. Francis, she came to me – because I was the perfect one to love her up all night long.  And, she loved me all night long. Thank you St. Francis.

Driving to return her, I was in tears.  How could this little one have captured my heart so fast?  But, those tears were mild compared to the homecoming. When I met the people, we cried, and hugged, and cried and hugged.  Many, many, many hugs.  Much love.  Much appreciation.  I received a painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe for their gratefulness.  I cried more.   These people didn’t know me, I didn’t know them…..but I did.  Because they were me.  They were me, if I had lost a pet.  They were me, worried all night about where she was.  They were me and I was them.  They would have done the same if the roles were reversed.

I believe we are all good.   I believe we are all love.  I know it.  I know eventually we will go back to the basics.  To love.  And so, why are we here?  Why….indeed.   To feel, exactly what we all felt this morning.  To smile, to laugh, to be grateful, to feel joy, and to love.  To love what is.  Not to worry or be in fear…

Perhaps she was a sign also – for me.  Perhaps I am supposed to continue painting dog portraits. Perhaps.   But, whatever she was – I love little Twinkie!




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  1. Love this post – you are a wonderful writer – through your words I could feel everything that you were feeling. Thank you for your kindness to strangers – animal and human. You were definately entertaining angels in disguise.

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