What a difference a year makes

The Cage is Falling Apart

Which, perhaps, is possibly one of the biggest understatements I’ve ever written.

A little over a year ago, I was deep in the narrative. Even though, on several different occasions I had gone down what I considered deep rabbit holes.

And, I was definitely a Karen, not a full blown one, but a Karen non-the-less. Looking down my nose through my fogged glasses at those who weren’t wearing masks, because, to me, at the time, it meant they didn’t care for their fellow men.

I relied on MSM to spoon feed me news. I believed what they were saying. After all, what purpose would it serve to lie to the American public….or the world public for that matter. I trusted Dr. Fauci, Gov. Cuomo, and I had a strong dislike for Trump.

A year of research has most definitely changed that.

I’ve watch countless hours of censored videos and read more articles than I ever have in my life. Some I discarded as preposterous, using only my intuition to guide me. I asked millions of questions of my brother who has been a physician for over 30 years, relying on his experiences in the covid trenches, because something told me that what we were being told as a nation, somehow didn’t add up.

I started following world renowned physicians, scientists and statisticians who were being censored, having everything to lose and nothing to gain, who were putting their licenses, and reputations, not to mention their lives at risk.

I was blown away at the amount of corruption, lies and deceit.

I lost friends. I was ridiculed. I was called a killer. I was called horrible names. I was banned from social media. But, it didn’t and hasn’t stopped me from sharing what I have discovered.

It wasn’t until I started listening to RFK Jr.’s book – The Real Anthony Fauci – that I really realized the depth of the deception. It’s a hard read….and I’ve found that I can only listen to a couple of hours at a time, because it takes quite a bit of time to digest the corruption. So many questions answered: What is Gain of Function, and why was it allowed? What happened to the off-label drugs that research proved worked against the pandemic? What REALLY happened during the AIDS crisis? Why the cover-ups? How, exactly did they get EUA? Why does big Pharma have no liability for injuries? Why the big push? Why is the VAERS system that has been in place for so many years all of a sudden being discredited? Why are physicians who choose to treat patients and are following their hippocratic oath of do no harm suddenly losing their licenses?

The list goes on and on.

I KNEW the corruption was deep….I just didn’t realize HOW deep.

It’s not been easy for me. Mostly because I have people pleasing programming….with a bit of “what will people think of me if I speak my truth?”

Scary as fuck.

And yet, still, I continue to speak my truth.

I understand how hard it is to step out of the narrative. It takes a massive amount courage to see. It takes even more courage to put it out there. I know, because I’ve done it.

It doesn’t take a rocket science degree to know that there is something amiss. All it takes is a little bit of time to search on search engines that don’t have an agenda.

We are on the precipice of much needed change. We are stepping into sovereignty. We are changing the world.

No more greed.

No more power hunger.

A brotherhood of man.

Living in harmony.

But, in order to get there, we have to be willing to look at the darkness that is threatening to overtake us. Both internal and external.

We need to be willing to be ostracized and face our fears.

I know there are so many of us, some speak out, some don’t, but many more of us see now.

The demons of evil are losing their grip, and like injured animals that are cornered, they are striking out.

But, I truly believe that the light will win.

Blessings to all of you

May We Walk Together As One.


Soul Path

How does one know – like REALLY KNOW – when one has found their soul path? I will tell you how I know, or knew.

I, like a plethora of my friends, was a complete Trump hater. Everything about who he was and stood for. I even avoided family and friends who were supporters. How could they not see for God’s sake? Seriously!!! So, you can’t say anything to me that I haven’t already said about him. Trust me.

I saw fighting among friends on Facebook.

I snoozed a shit ton of people because I could NOT understand how they could be so damn delusional.

One man in particular on Facebook, I had to snooze a couple of times. And every time his 30 day snooze was done, he would pop up on my feed.

I started reading what he was responding to the scathing nasty comments he was getting. The majority of time, he said blessings to you on your journey. Every once in a while he would thank someone for triggering him, and holding up a mirror so he could see where he still needed to heal. He has NEVER LOST FAITH.


Then I moved to Angel Fire Farm. The people up here are Trump supporters….Obviously, I wasn’t….and yet, during the summer when I was scared for my life, they were the ones that came to my rescue.

More thinking.

This is probably the scariest thing that spirit has ever asked me to do. I’m hyper aware of the risks of switching “sides” (although, there are not sides at all, everyone is just playing their part.)

“It’s time to be transparent, Paula.”

Oh hells bells, I know.

“You’ve always been transparent, and from your integrity, this is no different, you just have to face a huge fear of yours.”


Several sleepless nights.



I wrote, and then braced myself.

And in it came. I received my fair share of nasty scathing comments. Some I chose to respond to with “Blessings on your journey”. The extremely angry ones that I could feel hatred from, I deleted. Some comments were taken care of by others who had chosen this path.

I continued to observe both “sides”. Yes, without a doubt, there are haters and nasty people on both sides. But, the ones that I was resonating with were responding with love to their haters.

I reached out to a few. EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE, and offers of help, love and encouragement came in by the droves.

Do you have ANY IDEA HOW HARD THIS IS FOR ME? I face fears every time I write anything and post it, but, as you know by now, my guides are on the bossy side….And I know from experience what happens when I don’t listen. I had to put my money where my mouth is – literally – I’ve lost quite a few collectors – but, as you all know, one of the things I am here to do this lifetime is to be transparent.

I never liked Biden as a pick for the nomination. How did he get there? There were tons of other super qualified candidates. How did he win when he did little campaigning? And by more than Obama won? Something didn’t quite add up.

The bombing on Christmas day was what did it for me. It had me on high alert. Something was just not right about that. Sticking my head in the rabbit hole was not fun (I’ve since gone much deeper and it hurts my heart to even begin to share what I have found.)

Then the censorship. And media manipulation (that I couldn’t see, until I could, and now I can’t unsee it). And the pandemic, and a vaccine.

Way too many unanswered questions for this curious mind.

And then the light bulb went on……This is why I came here. I’ve always known I was here to participate with millions of other souls in the raising of consciousness.

I had no IDEA it would be this huge.

It’s not just about raising the vibration. It is about SHIFTING CONSCIOUSNESS….

And we are all playing our parts marvelously. No right answers. No wrong answers. It is what it is.

There is BIG darkness that the veil is going to be removed from….It will take all of the warriors of light to not only help remove the veil, but also to help others as they are awakened from their slumber.

WE CAME HERE FOR THIS!!! Not only did we volunteer, but we were CHOSEN!!! Do you have any idea how many wanted to come? And, instead got to stay behind and assist us in any way they can? Kazillions of benevolent beings are cheering us on….Tap into them…Ask them for guidance. Be sovereign. Drink lots of water. Pray. Meditate. Reach out to a friend if you are losing faith. Vibration is EVERYTHING! Stay out of fear. Know that everything is happened for a reason.

Blessings to all of you.

May We Walk Together As One.

Please think twice before you post something nasty….I may be a Cancer, but, I have a Grand Fire Trine and my Mars is Aries, so beware.


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