Becoming Visible

Becoming Visible
                     Becoming Visible

I cried when I painted this.  Actually, that is a lie….I sobbed.   She may or may not be a “work of art”, but, her message to me, and to others is powerful.

She appears to be taking shape.  Slowly.  Through the mist she is gradually appearing.  She is finding herself.  Becoming herself.  Allowing others to truly see her.   She’s scared, but, she knows it is time.  No more hiding behind false smiles and nervous laughter.  No more pretending to be someone who she isn’t to make others comfortable.

No more pretending. Period.

She’s different.  She hears, sees, and feels messages from the unseen.  Angels.  Guides.  Beings of Hope.  And regurgitates them.  It’s risky for her, because she was raised very traditionally.  It scares her, because she gets messages from others that she is doing the work of the devil.   And yet, she persists.  It’s a drive from deep within her to give these beings form and voices.

Oh yeah, she could continue to paint what sells, which is her more traditional art, but something stops her cold each time.   How can she tell others to be authentic to who they are, if she isn’t?  How can she paint for profit when her soul isn’t in it?  Certainly, she can paint cows until they come home, but who would give these beings, these angels life in the way that only she can do?

Why is it so difficult for her to do?  She KNOWS who she is, and yet, she is afraid to become who she is.  She is afraid of the ridicule, because she used to be the ridiculer.  The irony is not lost on her.

These beings are with her most of the time.   She gets frequent confirmation that they are indeed real.  From those who have had near death experiences who gasp when they see her paintings and tell her that this is indeed what the beings, the angels on the other side look and feel like.   From others who have communicated with them.

Why can’t she step fully into believing who she is and why she is here?

Mostly, because the majority of her life, she has built up a system of beliefs.  Things that others have said to her about who they believe or think she is.   Those that have called her crazy.   Those who she has listened to because she trusted them, who don’t have a clue who she truly is.  She has not learned how to think for herself…..but, that is changing.  Slowly, gradually, like emerging from the mist.

It’s time.

It’s time to share herself.   It’s time to put herself out there in a way that she never has.   It’s time to tell the world that she is a channeler, a psychic, an intuitive and an empath. (And occasionally a pain in the ass!) It’s time to put herself out there so that others can do the same.

This spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart.

But, it’s time.

It’s time because the world needs to see what can be accomplished when we step into who we truly are.  We are love.  Pure love.  The kind that can’t be described…the kind that connects all of us regardless of race, or religion.

We need it now more than ever.

What can YOU do to become more visible?  To change the world?  To share your heart and your story to help others?

You see, I know this story well…..because…..

she is me


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  1. And you are beautiful. I love that you follow the visions. The animals are great but they just “are”. There is no transcendent truth to them. The beings–they are so much more. They make me FEEL, deeply. They reach out. They breathe. Thank you for painting them and giving them more.

  2. Somehow, I kind of knew that. I really am not surprised. I love your paintings, but the angels and guides are my favorites! Be all you can be! Good for you!

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