Chance of a Lifetime

If you had the opportunity, would you take a chance of a lifetime?  In spite of needing to raise finances, and being scared to death (and probably a few more other things)?  Let me set this up for you.  I turned 60 this past summer.  I wanted to do something special to mark this very significant milestone in my life.  Nothing has really tripped my trigger….until now.

You all know that I am over the top Woo-Woo, and will go to great lengths to enhance my knowledge along the way.

SOOOOOOO, a very dear friend of mine is leading a lifechanging  journey to South Africa in June (culminating on my 61st birthday – so this is my “something special” for my 60th year).  However, something inside of me balked.  Big time.

And, then, it happened.  I received news yesterday that a very dear friend (who just turned 60 in January), died suddenly.  Heart attack.  He was one of those people that makes everyone feel special, whether you knew him for years, or a minute.  He was living his dream of owning a coffee shop/bar/gallery.  He was the living room of Eureka Springs.  He was PFM.

It hit me. Hard.  I’m his age.  It made me realize how short life is.  I could decide to not go, because, scared, and finances, but, would I regret it?   This is an opportunity for a total reset:  Mind, body, and spirit.  An opportunity to deepen my art.  An opportunity to heal some deep wounds.

And so, I’ve decided to totally leave it up to GUS.

I’m offering a 35% discount on ALL OF MY PAINTINGS (Click here!) on my website….even the ones that are already deeply discounted.  The coupon code is CHANCE, and is good through May 23rd.

If I am meant to go….it will happen….



PS, I will be videoing and photographing others that are not on my website also….


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  1. Paula : I too turned 60 last year & celebrated with a great trip to Venice & Greece last Oct. I so want you to take this amazing trip! I’ve loved your work from afar & would like to purchase mischief makers. My iPhone keeps saying your site is “unsecure”? Can you email or call about the best way to do this? I’m a friend of Micki Sweeney- I had inquired about another piece several years ago. This art will look fabulous in my home in Crestone CO!

    • Hey there…. I emailed you, but it came back, and then I figured it out… it is [email protected]? rather than ney….. LOL….. that is totally something that I would do!!! Just let me know what you want to do. Thank you so much

  2. You need to go. You wont regret it. If you are supposed to go the Universe will start opening doors quickly!

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