Something big changed just recently. Through an interesting series of GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) events, I met someone who has facilitated some miraculous healing in me that was many, MANY years overdue, (or perfectly timed…)! The reason I knew that this woman was significant, was because everything fell together, even though there were so many moving parts.

She gave me her card.

The next morning while I was having coffee, I went over the previous nights unfolding. I pulled out her card.

My phone pinged. I had a new friend request on Facebook, and a message request. From her.

Coincidence? Sychronicity? or just plain ole’ PFM?

My antenna was on high alert, mostly because I have a pattern of jumping into relationships (male and female) seeing only the good and/or potential in someone. It’s taught me a lot of lessons, and I was/am ready to drop old patterns. It’s something I have worked on, put on the backburner, worked on…….you get the picture.

I knew this was a possible lesson.

I tapped in. Big time. I knew this soul. I didn’t know why, but, I knew this soul. She was a familiar.

Turns out she is a healer. I told her my story about my date rape. She tapped in…She shared with me about the concept of an energetic headhunter whose role is to implant lightworkers. To dim their light. To make them forget why they are here. To make them doubt their purpose.

We made arrangements for her to come and work on me. During the healing I could feel her touching me lightly….all over….I swore she had four or five hands. She told me she saw and removed more attachments than she originally thought there were.

I felt…different…but, I couldn’t put my finger on it. All the next day, I cried. It was like I was just me. It felt like my triggers were gone. My wounds. I wasn’t empty…I was full. I was clear. Clearer than I had been for ages.

I realized that the time after moving to Arkansas from Taos was essential for integration. To work out a lot of lessons with a lot of partners. To clear out wounds. It had/has been brutal. I wondered on occasion if it was worth it.

I could see a few relationships in my life that were unbalanced because of one of my biggest fears and wounds around wanting people to like me. I let them go. It was painful…but, in order to be true to my new vibration, it was time.

I started seeing how I have contributed to unhealthy relationships (oh MAN, was THAT ever freaking painful). Humility was the name of the game. My Dad’s words echoed in my mind a lot: “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”

I could sense how we are all in this together. That when one of us heals, how it ripples out. I could feel that we truly are a collective. Everyone is essential.

But, the biggest change was/is, color and abstraction coming into my artwork. Although I’ve only done two, in the past when I did abstracts, they were somewhat of a struggle. Not anymore.

No More Fear, Only Love

I’m sure that many of you know that I do not recommend people unless I believe in their gifts 100%…..This healing has changed me in ways I still cannot verbalize, but, suffice it to say, it’s significant.

If any of you are interested in knowing the details about my healer, please contact me….I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed with your results.

Much love, and many blessings to you all as our vibration rises – like the Phoenix!


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  1. Oh paula— ive wanted to see your talent in living color. In seeing your inspirational work You would have sparks and then subdued. There is so much life in you- when i see a picture of you- i see it . I hope you continue to try the different, though foreign , abundance of life giving color… strength can still smile, determination has joy, focus can bring laughter. Bring it on , try it on and see if that “jacket” fits just fine when you feel like it!)
    I look at your peony picture that I have and want to see a buoyant vibrant vase full!
    Hope you enjoy your experiment in color… if it remains great , if not – its still an interesting path to examine.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about color and the healing power of like purple thistle for instance. I am attempting to heal myself through color with artwork. I can relate to your birthing story and also to the date rape issue. I feel like after reading a lot of your writing, I might be in a position to heal that part of myself as well. Thank you for sharing your writing. I am learning a lot from it. Karen

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